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We now present the Prosperity Sphere’s 3rd Quality of the Heart, the last, but not the least of the 9 Qualities of the Heart… Care! Care, within our society is often perceived as being “too nice,” that is, weakness and being taken advantage of. But if things were different, if true...

We now find ourselves at the Prosperity Sphere's second Quality of the Heart… Wonder! Wonder and even awe are often perceived as illusionary, a fairy tale or utopia. But is that really the case? I’d like to explore and discover the true nature of wonder experienced in neutrality… interested in joining me? What...

We now find ourselves at the Prosperity Sphere’s first Quality of the Heart…Compassion! Compassion is so powerful when aligned with the heart and free of all forms of judgment such as pity, arrogance, or a feeling of superiority, for example. In the West, we tend to interpret Compassion as an act of...

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