by Sylvie Olivier

Over the years, Sylvie and Bernard have created several tools while highlighting specific themes to share the essence of Heart Neutrality. In this space, you’ll find articles written by Sylvie, most of them with concrete examples, as well as simple, effective exercises to integrate into your daily life or according to how you feel.

We hope you enjoy reading them!

What Message Are You Sending To Your Body?

The Uniqueness of each body… Every person on this Earth is unique. As we interact with each other, we become aware of this uniqueness and begin to notice all our differences, including our physical differences. Different-colored eyes, different hair, different skin, different eye shapes… the list goes on and on. We begin to notice the characteristics that differentiate us from each other and compare ourselves by judging the beauty of our bodies

True Freedom

In many parts of the world, we have the impression of being free to live our own way. And while this may be true in many cases, the fact remains that True Freedom is found when we are freed from the beliefs, judgments and limitations that form mental archives, as well as the crystallized emotions that resurface as soon as they are stimulated by a situation or a person. In other words, when someone or some circumstance pushes the “right button” and succeeds in making us feel out of sorts, afraid or angry, we’re not free!…

The Art of Allowing Yourself to Receive

How do you allow yourself to receive? Receiving is an often neglected art, because modern society values action and effort over reception itself. Yet allowing others to give to us and to welcome what is offered is essential to cultivating a sense of Plenitude and connection with the world around us. Do you allow yourself to receive resources and gifts little by little, or do you open your arms wide and say yes to every opportunity that comes your way?

Having, Making & Being at Peace

“I want to have Peace !!!! Is that clear enough?” “The only thing I want… is Peace… Holy Peace!” “It seems to me that I don’t ask for much, I just want to be left in Peace!Have you ever heard these sentences? Or perhaps you’ve already uttered them? Whatever the case, Peace is ubiquitous on the list of what the majority of the population wants.That said, there’s a clear difference between “HAVING” peace and “MAKING” peace, or even “BEING” at peace.Can you feel a distinction between these 3 statements?

Life is a Privilege

There was a time when life was full of obstacles and felt like a burden. I was always preparing myself for the next battle, the next difficulty, the next suffering. I was convinced that this was life, and that I didn’t have a say in it or any different choices to make. Metro-boulot-dodo was my daily routine, not to mention the fear of running out of food for my children, the fear of losing my daughter who was very ill, the pain of seeing my marriage fall apart.

Choosing Oneself through the Heart

What does “choosing oneself” really mean? What a pertinent question in these destabilizing times we’re living through on both a planetary and individual level. Choosing oneself is the 1st step back to oneself… because as long as we choose based on the fear of being judged or to please others, we are prisoners. In my youth, I learned to always put the well-being of others before my own, until a moment in my adult life when everything fell apart around me.

The Plenitude of Today

What a wonderful feeling it is to experience Plenitude on a daily basis! That said, many people feel that this feeling is not always easily accessible, and I agree. I agree, because we’ve been programmed from an early age to focus on what’s missing, imperfect or unsatisfying in our lives. In doing so, we developed reflexes to counter what was not up to our expectations and those of the people around us.

Love is the Only Healer There Is

Love has immeasurable power to heal, transform and transmute.  In the vast panorama of the Qualities of the Heart, Pure Love occupies a central place. It has the capacity to transcend the boundaries of pain and adversity, bringing comfort, healing and restoration. By welcoming Love – the Pure Love available within each of us – we open the door to emotional, mental and even physical healing.

Appreciation in Action

Several years ago, when we were on the island of St. Martin assisting several groups, Bernard and I rented a superb little villa for two to enjoy the Caribbean experience for a week. It was a week dedicated solely to us… a memory that is still with me today! Having said that, I don’t feel nostalgic because I’m still appreciating our life as it is right now. Since then, each day has brought its own special flavour and uniqueness, allowing us to appreciate absolutely EVERYTHING life presents us with.

The True Nature of Contribution

Isn’t it wonderful to realize that the true nature of Contribution is to act like the Universe, without expectation or attachment? Isn’t it wonderful that the simple act of breathing is the ultimate sign of our Contribution to the planet? And isn’t it inspiring to recognize that we contribute to the collective well-being by living connected to our heart? Each breathing cycle involves the action of inhaling and exhaling. It would never occur to us to hold our breath indefinitely. Likewise, it’s impossible for the human body to breathe out without breathing in again – that’s how we stay alive.

Enslaved by linear time?

Since time is intrinsically linked to space, the mind automatically associates it with every place our physical, mental, and emotional bodies find themselves. Most people feel the speed at which time is passing, and since this speed is constantly increasing, they feel as though they’re in an unrelenting, unsatisfying vortex, getting pulled every which way. Let’s take a short pause to BREATHE down to the navel, hold for a few moments, then exhale through the mouth with a big sigh. I invite you to repeat this short breathing exercise 2 more times.

The 3 steps of the Cycle of Expansion in Neutrality

For those of you currently learning to live in neutrality, you may experience different sensations, whether physical, emotional or mental. It’s only natural to have these experiences, as they’re part of the calibration steps. Each cycle of expansion in neutrality is made up of 3 distinct steps: Elevation, Calibration and Integration. Let’s take them individually now to clarify their purpose and effects.

Inhabit your space or make a place for yourself?

Inhabiting your space or making a place for yourself may seem synonymous. However, they are quite different! We’ve probably all been advised to make a place for ourselves, to impose our limits, to put our foot down with the belief that we’d somehow command respect. Yet even if we follow all this advice, have you noticed that we always have to start all over again? And that no matter how hard we try to impose our limits, we still regularly feel like we’re being stepped on?

The Unending Quest for Perfection

Ahhhh PERFECTION!!! Oh, how we seek it and desperately want to feel the gratifying state of being that comes with it, do we not? As exhilarating as it may be, this state of being is ephemeral. It needs to feed off of even more perfection to survive, so unbeknownst to us, we enter an endless cycle of wanting to perform, always more and more, to finally… FINALLY… feel that intoxicating sensation. And yet, this unending quest for perfection that the egoic structure has created ensnares us in its web where we become its prisoners. Every day we want more because we’ve become addicted to the rush of sensations, adrenaline, and energy that flows through us.

The eBook on the Plenitude Effect and its Qualities of the Heart

It’s already been a few years since the eBook on the Plenitude Effect and its Qualities of the Heart came into being. We hope it will inspire you and assist you in welcoming a little more Expansion, Harmony, Vitality and of course Prosperity into your life! The years are similar in the way that they are full of surprises and chaos for many of us… And we know that it’s not always easy to remain in Plenitude, in the eye of the tornado, when chaos manifests itself.

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