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Compassion is Love in Action!

We now find ourselves at the Prosperity Sphere’s first Quality of the Heart…Compassion!

Compassion is so powerful when aligned with the heart and free of all forms of judgment such as pity, arrogance, or a feeling of superiority, for example.

In the West, we tend to interpret Compassion as an act of kindness with a tinge of pity. It, therefore, isn’t surprising to watch as it is constantly rejected. We’ve witnessed it time and again where a participant in one of our programs offers another participant compassion and rather than creating openness and welcoming within that other participant, a feeling of clamping up and even frustration and shame of not being good enough could be felt from them.

We would, therefore, like to propose another approach… an approach that’s widespread in the Orient and that dances magnificently with Neutrality.

Here’s what we propose:

Compassion’s 3 steps

1) Acknowledge the situation, the pain or the suffering (ours or that of others);

2) Without judging it as negative or positive AND without attachment to a specific result;

3) All the while welcoming an even bigger concrete manifestation.


1) Acknowledge the situation, the pain or the suffering (ours or that of others)

Recognizing the situation, the pain or suffering means acknowledging the facts in neutrality, whether it’s ours or others. Obviously, when we’re stuck in our crystallized emotions and believe that we or others are victims, it’s practically impossible to be in neutrality.

We therefore invite you to welcome the emotions that are surfacing by breathing a little bit slower and deeper than normal, to allow them to de-crystallize and start flowing within you. You may feel discomfort; however, we invite you to keep going. The breathing will create a little bit more space in you to allow you to objectively observe and notice the situation in which you or your loved ones currently find yourselves.

2) Without judging it as negative or positive AND without attachment to a specific result

Once you’re able to recognize the situation, the pain or suffering just as it is, the second step is to have no judgments, which means to not label the situation as being positive or negative. For example, “Oh … poor (name of the person), she really isn’t lucky. It’s as though bad luck keeps chasing her.” Or “Oh! Why is everyone else but me always so lucky?”


This second step consists of not having any attachments to the final result; that is, to not try to control or manipulate the so-called negative situation. This step requires us to be at peace with the situation, the suffering or the pain and to welcome it as an opportunity for expansion… for us and for others.

3) All the while welcoming an even bigger concrete manifestation

Welcoming an even bigger outcome means that all the while being at peace with what is, you’re open to a fluid, simple, and harmonious conclusion bringing even more expansion in everyone’s lives.

Eventually, you’ll feel more and more profound peace within and true Compassion… Love in Action… will be able to be present on a daily basis in your life.

As you already know, mastery comes with practice! We therefore invite you to practice this previous exercise on numerous occasions each week in order to develop new reference points for yourself – with your feelings – and in your relationships. You’ll look at situations with a new set of eyes, the eyes of the heart through Compassion, which will have a major impact in your life.

Automatically, your vibrational signal will increase and flow faster and faster reaching out further and further. In so doing, you’ll open yourself up to receiving more resources that are available to you, because the frequency of your vibrational signal will be an energetic “key” to accessing the buffet along with all of life’s resources!

Compassion towards ourselves and others is a pivot point allowing us to widen our horizons by a few degrees and such, live through the heart, each and every moment.

This Quality of the Heart is so vast that we could explore so many other facets. However, we invite you to begin by having fun with this Compassion exercise and experience it in your daily life.


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Long live Compassion!
Sylvie & Bernard xoxo

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