By connecting to the heart of who we are, At the Heart of Neutrality, we stop wasting our energy trying to bring about the concrete manifestation of events, resources, and material goods as we finally become conscious of the impact that a few inspired actions can have. We receive inspirations to express our highest potential and allow the Cycle of Creation to take place with fluidity. We constantly have experiences of expansion.

Golden Heart Wisdom is a platform of Neutrality through which it’s possible to welcome CLARITY, FLUIDITY, and LIGHTNESS in all areas of life, and this, with ease and simplicity.

By releasing the 7 major elements (programming and emotions) that considerably delay concrete manifestations, the human being rediscovers clarity, fluidity and lightness, allowing him or her to receive opportunities that life presents AND experience harmonious relationships in all spheres, whether it be romantic and familial, or with colleagues, employees and bosses, as well as in various associations, cultures and communities.

Sure enough, we’ve learned to live in a world of duality/polarity, creating this massive pressure to succeed within well-defined boundaries. Neutrality, on the other hand, doesn’t judge circumstances as being positive or negative, which releases the pressure felt by humans. Neutrality welcomes all situations as the highest opportunity for expansion and expression of all human potential.

Golden Heart Wisdom is honored to assist humanity in their Return to the Essence of the Ultimate Lifestyle in over 62 countries!

Sylvie Olivier is a Bioenergetic specialist, certified Bio-Well (advanced level), mentor and HeartMath certified trainer. She and her husband, Bernard Thérien, a massage practitioner, assist humanity in dissolving ancient belief systems, lifestyles, crystallized emotions and mental archives to embrace the freedom of a harmonious, fluid and abundant lifestyle. They offer private mentoring programs, group workshops, events and live retreats at the Golden Heart Wisdom Center as well as around the globe.

In addition, Golden Heart Wisdom offers several online resources such as memberships, programs, webinars, downloadable products as well as some events that are available and accessible to everyone, worldwide, to assist humanity.

The severity of Sylvie’s daughters’ illness, which spanned over the course of 7 years, was a major factor in her relentless search for opportunities to assist her in reconnecting with a harmonious state of health. It’s actually what sparked her interest in bioenergetics – the science that studies the energetic systems of human life – originating from traditional Chinese medicine.

Given the emotional shock experienced by her daughter who’d tell her, “Mom, I got sick when you and Dad split up. If you don’t get back together, I’ll never heal,”. So, Sylvie chose an Expert that addressed thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

The work of Dr. Candace Pert, who has shown that molecules of emotion crystallize mainly in the nervous and glandular systems, has greatly assisted her in her research.

Afterwards, she was inspired by Dr. Masaru Emoto’s observations and research concerning the element of water. He realized that it was in the form of frozen crystals that water showed us its true nature. Dr. Emoto took water samples from around the world, froze them and photographed them with a microscope that was capable of taking pictures.

Whether it was from clean or polluted water sources, water exposed to various types of music or the impact of words, Dr. Emoto has brilliantly demonstrated the influence of internal or external vibrations on the element of water.

Given that it can conservatively be stated that humans are made up of about 70% water, we can recognize that our thoughts, beliefs and patterns learned to survive create the reality in which we live, be it mentally, emotionally and physically.

Throughout her research over the years, other resources stirred Sylvie’s interest, which she chose to pursue. You can glimpse a few below: Albert Einstein, the Maharishi Institute of Management and the HeartMath Institute were all sources of important references for her.

These resources assisted her in seeing what’s obvious … there comes a point where science meets consciousness and vice versa. It was then that she married science to the consciousness that resides “At the Heart of Neutrality” and it was then that she seized all its power. Indeed, the marriage of the two assisted her daughter in completely restoring her health and reconnecting with her optimal state. Bernard was an integral part of the journey throughout those years, and it was obvious to them both that their experience could be an important contributor asset in assisting Humanity.

Since then, Sylvie and Bernard live life at the Heart of this Neutrality that’s always in expansion, and they share their experience with Humanity – one human at a time – by offering their assistance to companies and individuals willing to live the new paradigm of neutrality in all spheres of life.

Interested in learning more about Sylvie & Bernard’s journey?

We invite you to watch this interview with Sandy Aubry.

Sylvie Olivier

Golden Heart Wisdom Founder, Bioenergetician, Bio-Well Specialist, HeartMath Certified Mentor & Trainer

Through her years of studying and her concrete experiences, Sylvie Olivier assists humanity, one human being at a time, in reconnecting with their Essence, that sacred space within each of us where everything’s possible. This space of high vibrational frequency transmutes ancient beliefs and behavioral patterns, fears, heaviness and emotions into profound joy and the fullest expression of our best selves.

By connecting to our heart, we stop trying to force the concrete manifestation of events, resources and material goods. We’re simply ready and open to receive the opportunities that the Universe presents to us by taking inspired actions. It’s phenomenal to see how just a few inspired actions produce extraordinary results when we welcome our intuition, opportunities, resources, and ideas, rather than searching for them or wanting to conquer them.

Sylvie studied bioenergetics for over seven years at the Alternative Medicine College of Canada, where she learned techniques to help release crystallized emotions.

She’s been recognized as a health specialist and teacher for over a two decades, continuing to learn a multitude of modalities such as quantum physics and sacred geometry. She then discovered the teachings of Dr. Candace Pert, pioneer and author, and her discoveries on how crystallized emotions are mostly housed in the nervous and glandular systems.

At that precise moment, it became clear to Sylvie that the more she’d assist others in releasing these crystallizations, the more rapidly they’d express their highest potential with profound joy.

She then became a certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner, which is a simple way to guide others towards their own release of emotions. She also became certified by the One Command Method and the Getting Thru Technique (GTT) while studying at the Awakenings Institute.

Through her unique experiences and certifications, Sylvie began to open up more and more to receiving inspirations, thereby gaining access to transmutation rather than transformation. This has led to several years of study and practical experience, living life as a playground where opportunities graciously arrive, without needing to work hard or with the notion of ‘relentlessly trying’. Sylvie then dove into the mastery of alchemy!

Since 2018, she’s also become a Certified Mentor from the HeartMath Institute…This certification allows her to use the HeartMath System that includes the complete range of HeartMath tools and techniques, the research, concepts and theories that support these techniques and HeartMath’s award-winning emWave® and Inner Balance™ coherence building technology. The Building Personal

Resilience program is a powerful addition which combines science and conscience in her practice.

Since 2019, she’s also a HeartMath Certified Trainer. This certification allows her to use HeartMath’s tools within the GHW program as well as organise high level workshops on resilience, called the “Resilience Advantage™” These tools and workshops are used widespread by a large network of hospitals throughout the world, Fortune 500 companies, the US Navy and the United States.

Thanks to research, simple tools, technologies and an inspiration filled with compassion, the Resilience Advantage workshop teaches daily practices that augment our life experience by integrating the Qualities of the Heart that are courage, gratitude, dignity, and care. These tools assist with the integration of a feeling of Plenitude allowing for optimal performance.

In addition, since 2020, Sylvie has been an Advanced Bio-Well Certified Specialist. Bio-Well is a technology that allows you to quickly obtain photographs (scans) of human energy or, if you prefer, of a person’s vibrational signal. The image generated by the Bio-Well device is based on the concept of acupuncture points and has been tested by hundreds of doctors and medical researchers and their thousands of patients.

The Bio-Well tools were designed by an International team led by Dr. Konstantin KOROTKOV and enabled a very powerful technique known as Electro-Photonic Imaging or Gas Discharge Visualization (EPI/GDV) to be brought to the market in a more accessible way than ever before. Since 2021, Sylvie and Bernard have been integrating these tools into the private mentoring programs and Cocooning packages which they offer at the Golden Heart Wisdom Center.

Sylvie also created the Plenitude Effect, an international platform whose reason for being is to assist humanity in reconnecting to Plenitude by feeling and integrating the twelve vibrations that are accessible at all times, by every human being, from the Heart. These vibrations, which we call Qualities of the Heart, are Love, Joy and Peace, which form the Harmony sphere; Appreciation, Courage and Lightness, which form the Vitality sphere; Compassion, Wonder and Care, which form the Prosperity sphere. These Heart Qualities, which also allow access to the Gamma brain waves, are the source of a natural and constant state of well-being and maximum performance: increased memory, increased sensory perception, increased concentration, creativity and brain efficiency.

Bernard Thérien

Massage Therapist

As a child, Bernard became aware of the energy in his hands early on. However, fear led him to hide it very quickly, because back then, touching people was something that was strictly prohibited. He himself was seldom touched during his childhood. Being the eighth child in his family, his birth was bad news for his mother.

Denied of her love, his father became his greatest ally. He remembers his father gently stroking his hair… He also had a gift, and together, they carefully preserved their secret.

Over the years, Bernard built a heavy armor for himself and massive rigidity settled upon his physical body. Physical labor on the farm provided security, and for years he searched for this security outside of himself.

So, instead of working with his hands in construction, he became a government peace agent, as his father had suggested. At the penitentiary, he was known for his intuition and the clear perception he had of others. Prisoners would tell him: ‘’I can’t explain it but whenever I’m in your presence, I feel good.’’

Then, one day, he was overwhelmed with a feeling of well-being… he’d just met Sylvie Olivier. Although he was deeply attracted by her energy, it took him a while to let his guard down and fully welcome her into his life and heart.

By her side, he rediscovered his gift that had been within him since childhood. During a trip to San Diego in 2013, alone in an unfamiliar place where he didn’t speak the language, he reconnected with his gift and allowed it to come to light. Standing on the beach, looking out at the sea and bathing in the exquisite energy of the sun, in a moment of profound vulnerability, he’d taken his first step into the unknown. He said his big vibrational “YES” and welcomed who he truly was. His life has never been the same.

Alchemy is now part of his daily life and opportunities for expansion present themselves with grace and ease. Struggles are now a thing of the past. He lives in an open and welcoming state.

With his unique gift, he assists business leaders, professionals and individuals in dissolving their resistances, beliefs and inner conflicts so that they can fully welcome their Ultimate Lifestyle.

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