Having, Making & Being at Peace

What is the vibrational difference?

by Sylvie Olivier

 *** Please note that many of the expressions used in this article come from the French version and have been translated to preserve the essence of the message. ***

“I want to have Peace !!!! Is that clear enough?”
“The only thing I want… is Peace… Holy Peace!”
“It seems to me that I don’t ask for much, I just want to be left in Peace!”

Have you ever heard these sentences? Or perhaps you’ve already uttered them?

Whatever the case, Peace is ubiquitous on the list of what the majority of the population wants.

That said, there’s a clear difference between “HAVING” peace and “MAKING” peace, or even “BEING“at peace.

Can you feel a distinction between these 3 statements?


If we take a moment to feel the energy present when we declare: “I want to have Peace“, we quickly realize that it comes:

  • The obvious absence of feeling Peace
  • Discouragement about ever being able to achieve it
  • Stress and recurring worries

Or even…

  • The growing frustration of being constantly invaded
  • Fear of the unknown
  • And so on

As we become aware of the above, we quickly feel their heaviness, creating a loop that never ends.

The more we want peace, the less it’s present in our lives… the more we feel we’re suffocating and the more we feel we’ll never get there. The ego, for its part, is very happy about this, as it continues to feed off these feelings.

Whether we’re feeling discouragement, stress, worry, frustration, fear or anything else, the vibrational signal we send out is heavy, constricted and limited. These states of being create heavy vibrations within us and in the space around us, perpetuating cycles of the same energetic frequencies. These heavy vibrations trap us in an endless circle until we make other choices.


If you feel stuck in a repetitive cycle of seeking Peace at all costs, I invite you to take a pause of a few minutes – disconnected from all forms of technology – to BREATHE and invite calm within yourself.

And if you choose to free yourself from the constant reaction of wanting to HAVE PEACE that loops around in your head, I invite you to practice a different way of connecting to Peace, to assist you in taking action instead of being a victim of circumstances and people.

I invite you to explore the difference between Having Peace (wanting Peace at all costs) and Making Peace, and integrate a new practice into your daily life. Making Peace is creating a hybrid state of being between the amount of energy required to Have Peace and the fluidity felt in Being at Peace.


We’ve seen so far that wanting to have Peace requires a great deal of energy, and that we have to renew our requests all the time, with little effectiveness.

Making Peace means:

  • Recognizing the situation as it is.
  • Accepting to see beyond the circumstances.
  • Giving ourselves permission to feel what is present.
  • Breathing through feelings of frustration, guilt, blame or shame.
  • Breathing through the fear of losing face, assets or reputation.

Making Peace is simply giving yourself permission to experience life as it is.

Making Peace is simply giving yourself permission to let crystallized emotions flow freely within you.

Making Peace is simply to modify the usual trajectory of thoughts on autopilot, to finally make another choice.

By allowing ourselves to feel what is supposedly unhealthy, inadequate, inappropriate, unpleasant or bad, we meet these emotional vibrations buried within us and offer them a way out much more gently than if we waited for the valve to pop on its own!


To assist you in introducing this practice into your life, I invite you to use the Breathing Technique, guided by quick and simple videos.

I suggest you integrate these breaths into your daily routine: morning – noon – evening, or 3 sessions at times that suit you.

You can find the 4-part Breathing Technique in the Client Area. If you already have an account, you can click HERE to access the Client Area. If you do not have an account, we invite you to create an account by clicking HERE.


Being at Peace implies total embrace, without resistance.

When we are at Peace with EVERYTHING that life throws our way – with everything that is – we know deep down that the Universe is always working for the greatest potential for expansion for each of us.

No matter what experiences we’re presented with, whether with loved ones or random circumstances, we’re in total OPENNESS.

Obviously, some situations are less pleasant than others. That said, we recognize our power of cocreation. So we’re able to stop holding on to what we take for granted with far more ease and grace than when we resist the changes that are taking place.

ALL forms of concrete manifestation are ephemeral and must move to vibrate with the rhythm of the Universe. Nothing is stagnant, everything is constantly moving… so EVERYTHING is vibration!

When we want to hold on to a relationship at all costs, we’re trying to prevent vital movement.

By wanting to hold on to a material possession at all costs, such as a house, a cottage, a car or a piece of jewelry, we prevent ourselves from RECEIVING even MORE resources from the Buffet of the Universe, where they are all available in unlimited quantities.

By trying with all our might to retain financial assets in various forms, such as investments, real estate, income or savings, we hinder the fluid circulation of ABUNDANCE as our Birthright in life.

To be at Peace means:

  • Recognizing the Wisdom of the Heart
  • Fully appreciating every moment
  • Welcoming the vibrational movement of the Universe
  • Lightening daily life by living without attachment
  • Expressing the Joy of Living
  • Feel the Qualities of the Heart

Living without attachment does not mean being indifferent to others or to the concrete manifestations of our lives.

Living without attachment means recognizing the right of every human being to choose freely, while honoring the uniqueness of each individual.

Living without attachment means appreciating all the concrete manifestations in our lives, letting them flow at the appropriate moment, without resistance.

Being at peace with All That Is represents a life lived in fluidity, lightness, harmony, vitality and prosperity.

SUGGESTED RESOURCE  for Being at Peace

To assist you in being at Peace with whatever life throws at you, here’s an audio harmonization entitled “Being at Peace with What Is“.

I suggest you practice it daily in Quality of Presence.

You can access the harmonization in the Client Area. If you already have an account, you can click HERE to access the Client Area. If you do not have an account, we invite you to create an account by clicking HERE.

In Conclusion

We’ve been trained to want to HAVE everything we think is required to be happy, and to do so we’re prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve these famous goals.

Having not only Peace, but all material possessions, vacations, opportunities, money, love, friendship, health and everything else has become a never-ending quest that leads to exhaustion, discouragement and even helplessness.

Once completely exhausted, we rest for a while and start rolling up our sleeves again to work even harder at achieving all the goals supposedly required to be happy.

I suggest you take a PAUSE for a few minutes to let this quest detach itself from you.

Imagine that everything that’s part of this quest is compressed into a balloon in front of you, and that you’re letting the balloon gently float away.

  • What do you feel now?
  • Do you feel a kind of detachment?
  • Do you feel lighter and freer?

By creating a space between you and this quest to HAVE IT ALL, you see with greater clarity and can begin to MAKE PEACE with all situations.

And then, naturally and fluidly, you’ll realize that “BEING at Peace” on a daily basis is the greatest gift you can give yourself and your loved ones.

By choosing to connect with the feeling of the BEING that we are, we open the way to “MAKE” vibrant choices while taking actions and thus, “HAVE” a multitude of opportunities and resources at our fingertips!


BE ❤️ Do & Have

All we have to do is return to the source of our human experience, instead of rowing against the tide to HAVE everything the ego desires, and DO multiple actions with a specific goal in mind, to finally, perhaps, one day… BE somebody!

From my heart to yours, I wish you to BE AT PEACE with ALL THAT IS!

Sylvie xxx

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