Inhabit your space or make a place for yourself?

Inhabiting your space or making a place for yourself may seem synonymous. However, they are quite different!

We’ve probably all been advised to make a place for ourselves, to impose our limits, to put our foot down with the belief that we’d somehow command respect.

Yet even if we follow all this advice, have you noticed that we always have to start all over again? And that no matter how hard we try to impose our limits, we still regularly feel like we’re being stepped on?

The more we push to set our limits, the more we feel an opposing force pushing on the opposite side. This force can manifest itself through another person or a situation. And in the end, we find ourselves needing to roll up our sleeves, work even harder and, above all, try to find the right way to make others respect us.

When we try to put our foot down and say “enough is enough”, things may temporarily change. However, people will gradually return to their previous ways, and life’s circumstances will return in very similar ways… and we’ll feel discouraged, powerless and even frustrated. In so doing, we become prisoners of the famous Law of Attraction, which operates through Polarity.

As long as the source of our vibrational signal doesn’t change, it’s as though we’re connected to a thermostat that’s programmed to a specific degree. If our vibrational signal sends out information about victimhood or lack, it will continue to do so until the source is dissolved. No matter how hard we yell, how hard we work, how firmly we decide or even how much we want to impose, our vibrational signal will send out the same information as the degree of a thermostat. It’s the equivalent of issuing an invitation to the people around us to invade, disrespect, dishonor and even abuse us.

To change the ambient temperature, we need to modify the information contained in the thermostat. If it’s programmed to temper a room at 70 degrees Fahrenheit, it will turn up the heat if it’s colder, or stop working if the temperature rises.

It’s much the same with humans. If we’ve been programmed to have to set limits to gain respect, to work hard to get people to listen to us, or to frequently feel overwhelmed, the same signal will continue to emit over and over again, until it’s dissolved at its source.

Is it possible that there’s another way of doing things that we’re not familiar with, but that could work with grace and ease to dissolve these patterns directly at the source?

The answer is YES… it’s all about learning to inhabit your own space instead of constantly having to make a place for yourself in order to be respected.

Making a place for yourself requires the constant participation of the egoic structure that survives in polarity and “tries to elbow its way in”.

Inhabiting one’s space is rooted in the heart, which lives in NEUTRALITY and creates a peaceful, clear, fluid and light environment.


So how does one go about inhabiting one’s space, you may ask?

Ahhh I love this question and the answer that comes with it! We access it through feeling the Qualities of the Heart, such as Love, Joy, Peace that generate Harmony; Appreciation, Courage and Lightness that create Vitality; and Compassion, Wonder and Care that give way to Prosperity.

These 12 vibrations of the heart form what I call the Plenitude Effect. When we live in Plenitude, we lack nothing… not love, not peace, not respect. Everything – and I mean absolutely EVERYTHING – is filled to the brim.

Making a place for yourself requires constant effort. It requires being constantly on the lookout not to get caught. So all the time invested in making sure our backs are covered isn’t really lived. The mind is busy evaluating, comparing and judging so as not to be abused, invaded or threatened. We spend our time dwelling on past situations to protect ourselves in the future.

And what about the present moment? Where are we during all these moments? Are we actively participating in our Life, or are we simply trying to protect ourselves by setting up various strategies? Whether it’s situations in your personal or professional life, the mind has been programmed by the egoic structure to want to control everything in order to avoid suffering.

When we are in Quality of Presence throughout our daily activities, we live our Life to the fullest! We don’t wait for circumstances to change in order to feel good… we live and experience it through each moment succeeding the next.

What I invite you to integrate into your life is the Appreciation of what is… I suggest you appreciate what is already present in your life, right now.

Most people put themselves on pause until their health returns, their relationships are more harmonious or their bank account is fuller. In short, the energy of this pause sends out a vibrational signal of lack, so instead of accelerating the process of the Cycle of Creation in your life, you unconsciously slow it down.

The more dissatisfied and unhappy we are, and the more we blame external circumstances, the more we cage ourselves in linear time, hoping that things will get better.

What if we became the real, powerful Co-Creators we are, instead of victims of circumstance? What if we made a conscious choice to look at EVERYTHING that’s already present in our lives and started to appreciate it… to truly appreciate it!

Abundance is the birthright of every human being… and this abundance is rooted in the heart. The mind, which is programmed by the egoic structure, is always dissatisfied with the current situation, or if it is satisfied, it’ll be short-lived. The head always wants more, always demands more, which generates an expansion of ever-increasing lack and scarcity. The ego, being a survival structure, implies wanting to make a place for itself at every level, which requires constant effort.

The heart, for its part, is in Plenitude with ALL that is, and as such, fosters greater abundance and expansion of resources of all kinds. The heart offers the opportunity to inhabit our space with grace and ease by feeling its qualities.

We sometimes meet people who choose to stay put, frustrated, impatient or always worried. By welcoming real Compassion for ourselves and these people, we offer complete freedom for everyone to live their lives in their own unique way, without compromise and without waiting for others to change in order to feel good. It’s all about positioning!

As for me, I chose a long time ago an unwavering positioning in the heart… I live freely AND I offer this same freedom to everyone, regardless of their choices, while inhabiting my space with fluidity.

The key lies in welcoming and feeling the Qualities of the Heart! I invite you to discover or deepen them with the free Plenitude Effect membership. Rest assured that this membership will always be free of charge, and that you won’t be bothered with additional e-mails.

The Plenitude Effectmembership is offered to Humanity in order to assist any person who wishes to experience a new way of living… a life lived through the heart!

With Love,

Sylvie xxx

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