Conscious Cocreation

Whether we’re conscious of it or not, we are all co-creators, since our vibrational signal is constantly emitting frequencies into the Universe. These frequencies, and what they contain, then expand and are returned to us, and this is what creates the reality in which we live.

This signal, even when it is unconscious, has a direct impact on our lives. Therefore, when our signal vibrates at lower frequencies (such as patterns of lack, effort, impatience or control, etc.), it will connect with elements, situations, events and relationships that vibrate at the same lower frequencies as our signal.

On the flip side, when our vibrational signal frequency is high (such as those coming from the Heart, like joy, peace, appreciation, etc.), it will connect with elements, situations, events and relationships that also vibrate at higher frequencies.

This is how we constantly co-create with the Universe.

What is Conscious Co-creation?

Consciously co-creating with the Universe requires us to first be aware of the frequencies our signal is emitting, and then to be open to making the choice to emit a vibrational signal that comes from the Heart (Plenitude) rather than a signal that comes from the head.

By feeling and emanating this state of Plenitude through the Qualities of the Heart, then by allowing it to expand, we become an instrument of the Universe; that is to say a Conscious Co-creator who concretely manifests all that resonates in our Heart and this, in all the spheres of our life whether it is health, work, relationships, family, finances, etc.

When we choose to be an instrument of the Universe, everything opens up and flows with Clarity, Fluidity and Lightness, for oneself, through oneself and for Humanity, without us needing to be in sacrifice.

The Wisdom of the Heart and Quantum Physics

The source of all concrete manifestations is the quanta. The quanta is the unit of light which gravitates in the invisible, in the form of waves.

Thus, before becoming concrete matter, in the form of visible particles, every element is first and foremost in the form of quanta (invisible waves).

Most of us have forgotten this fact, which is why we often try, in our daily life, to modify the visible particles (the concrete matter), rather than return to the source and modify our life directly from the invisible waves (the quanta or units of light).

Conscious Co-creation requires this return to the source and awareness of
this Co-creation with the Universe from the quanta.

By reconnecting to the source of all that is through our Heart and by experiencing the Heart’s Qualities, the waves (quanta) reorganize themselves to demonstrate concrete manifestations aligned with the Heart’s vibrations.

As a Conscious Co-creator, we connect to the intelligence and wisdom of the Heart in order to reshape our lives in a concrete way, bringing more Harmony, Vitality and Prosperity to all spheres of our lives.

Thus, Conscious Co-creation leads us to experience quantum physics in a tangible way.

Are you ready to Consciously Co-Create with the Universe?

Here are the resources available to you:

Free resources and contributions from the Heart

Golden Heart Wisdom Basic Membership

Explore a variety of free resources to assist you in bridging the gap between head and Heart, becoming aware of your vibrational signal, and changing it. New resources are added annually, here are a few examples of what you’ll find: the eBook “The Plenitude Effect: Experience Harmony, Vitality and Prosperity through the 9 Qualities of the Heart”, a trio of Resources about the Vibrational Signal, breathing technique videos, meditation audios, three 30-day Head to Heart Journeys, webinar recordings, and so much more!

Harmony for Humanity

What would you say to exploring, experiencing and sharing Harmony throughout the year with others around the world? Harmony for Humanity is an ever-expanding community that brings together people from every continent. The community’s activities are free, bilingual ( English and French) and consist of three components: a Facebook group, monthly webinars and Zoom meetings, as well as an annual International Celebration.

The 12 Vibrational Frequencies of the Heart” work of art

Experience the 12 vibrations of the Qualities of the Heart on a daily basis thanks to this downloadable creation that will certainly add a touch of Harmony, Vitality and Prosperity to your home. This creation is offered as a contribution from the Heart.

Online Membership and Programs

Mastery Conversations

Would you like to talk about profound and meaningful Mastery topics with a group of people who are ready to dive into a more vibrant life? This is the purpose of these Mastery Conversations!

This is an invitation from our hearts to yours to join us for a monthly group 90-min call to share rich, vibrant and light conversations about the Mastery of the Heart. During these conversations, we’ll be addressing topics such as circular time, abundance, co-creation, freedom… and so much more.

Golden Heart Wisdom Virtual Center Membership

The purpose of this one-year (12 months) membership is to allow you to experience the cocoon of Pure Love and all the Qualities of the Heart that those who enter the GHW Center feel. This bilingual (English and French) virtual membership includes monthly assistance in various forms (calls, harmonizations, and group activities). You will also have the opportunity to visit each of the rooms in the GHW Center and experience each station, guided by meditations, harmonizations, and activations.

Resources offered at the Golden Heart Wisdom Center

Workshops, Cocooning Packages, and In-Person Retreats

The Golden Heart Wisdom Center offers in-person private and group assistance in a gentle, comfortable spa-like atmosphere, honoring all health regulations. To find out about the activities, Workshops, Feasts & Conversations, Cocooning packages, and Retreats currently available, we invite you to visit the Center’s website.

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