Sylvie Olivier, Bioenergetics expert, HeartMath Certified Mentor and Trainer, and founder of Golden Heart Wisdom presents the Plenitude Effect.

The Plenitude Effect offers complete harmony with oneself and others, which activates a powerful signal bringing about increased prosperity and vitality.

For starters, what is Plenitude and what does it have to offer us? 

Feeling and experiencing Plenitude is the most powerful element that’s available and accessible at all times by all human beings. In a sense, it’s a type of fast track towards the Ultimate Lifestyle, an optimal quality of wellbeing allowing us to welcome and navigate with clarity and fluidity through expansion and all of the opportunities that life places upon our path… This is what truly and concretely allows us to welcome Harmony in our life and relationships, Vitality in our body and spirit, as well as Prosperity and Abundance in all its forms.

At first, this type of Lifestyle can seem impossible to experience for some. That said, over the past few years, our own experience and that of our clients has confirmed that it’s all possible:

Plenitude is available for everyone, at all times,
and its power concretely changes Life.

Plenitude is first a choice and a commitment towards the connection, feeling and intelligence of the heart. This heart connection quickly offers harmonization between the heart and brain, allowing for the dissolution of mental archives, crystallized emotions, and patterns holding us prisoner in a limited reality. Welcoming Plenitude therefore allows us to feel whole, solid, light, and in peace… which opens the doors to infinite possibilities for expansion.

Some have shared with us their doubts concerning feelings of the heart and of Plenitude which, at first can be very light and subtle, almost nonexistent even. This is completely natural considering how we’ve lived our entire life under the reign of the mind, disconnected from the feelings of the heart. That said, by choosing to engage in that feeling every day, and integrating it into our life hygiene as a daily practice (a few minutes a day will suffice to begin), that feeling expands quite quickly, bringing with it well-being, clarity, and fluidity.

What is the Plenitude Effect?

The Plenitude Effect is a platform we created to assist Humanity in reconnecting with Plenitude, that natural state and quality of optimal well-being, accessible within each human being at all times. The Plenitude Effect allows, through the different projects, programs, events, and activities, the experience of concrete resultsthat scientific research worldwide has been theoretically illustrating for years now.

Human beings have access to many vibrations within them, including the 9 vibrations of the heart, accessible at all times; Love, Joy, Peace, Appreciation, Courage, Lightness, Compassion, Wonder, and Care. These vibrations that we call the Qualities of the Heart, are the source of natural and constant well-being, also referred to as feeling Plenitude.

New research on Gamma brain waves now confirms this phenomenon. Gamma brain waves vibrate at very high frequencies. They are only accessible via the FEELING of these Qualities of the Heart such as those mentioned aforehand.

Research shows that when we access Gamma brain waves, we automatically experience a state of maximum performance, increased memory, increased sensory perceptions, increased concentration, creativity, and brain efficiency, the experience of compassion and gratitude throughout all activities, as well as a natural feeling of being happier, calmer, and more in peace.

Are you ready to open yourself up to this feeling?

Numerous resources, programs, events, and activities are available to you! We invite you to consult the “Participate” tab to learn more.

Projects stemming from the Plenitude Effect

Plenitude inevitably brings Expansion! And that’s exactly what participants of the Plenitude Effect are concretely experiencing. We’re therefore happy to present a few projects that were born through the participants of the Plenitude Effect.

Through various projects, Women worldwide are invited to explore, express, and expose the 9 Qualities of the Heart of the Plenitude Effect. The exchanges, concrete repercussions, projects, and energetic circuits born from this group are in constant expansion and are absolutely grandiose!

This project began in 2019 and continues to go deeper within the experience for those who’ve already participated AND to welcome new participants in 2020. 

To explore the projects born through certain participants during this program, .

You’d also like to explore and experience the Power of the 9 Qualities of the Heart, Gamma brain waves and the Plenitude Effect in all spheres of your daily life? Here are a few invitations!

Get inspired with the #PlenitudeEffect on Instagram!

#PlenitudeEffect on Instagram is a simple, light and fun project!

It’s an invitation to co-create, with us, a magnificent mosaic high in vibrations of Pure Love and Plenitude!

The essence of this project is to experience, emanate, and share the Qualities of the Heart, Love, Joy, Peace, Appreciation, Courage, Lightness, Compassion, Wonder and Care through photos of daily life.

Plenitude Effect & Women of the World

Through various projects, Women worldwide are invited to explore, express and expose the 9 Qualities of the Heart of the Plenitude Effect. The exchanges, concrete repercussions, projects, and energetic circuits born from this group are in constant expansion are absolutely grandiose!

Plenitude Worldwide Web Series

Much like the Butterfly Effect, the Plenitude Effect is progressively making its way around the world, assisting people in experiencing, exploring, expressing, and exposing the 9 Qualities of the Heart. Given that each person’s experience is unique, this allows the community to deploy and create energetic circuits through International pathways for each of the Qualities of the Heart, allowing each of these qualities to follow their natural course.

As the Golden Heart Wisdom community grows internationally, Sylvie Olivier and Sandy Aubry invite members of the community to join them for rich and vibrant conversations concerning topics that connect Humanity and the entire planet.

These informal, pre-recorded conversations are then shared with the community under the banner “Plenitude Worldwide“.

Should any of this information have resonated with you and you’d like to explore each of our different portals and the rich content contained within them, we invite you to click on any of the different portals below.

Questions? We invite you to contact us at info@goldenheartwisdom.com.

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