Plenitude Effect
The Plenitude Effect allows for total harmony with oneself and others, which activates a powerful vibrational signal resulting in increased prosperity and vitality.
A word from Sylvie Olivier, Creator of the Plenitude Effect

The Plenitude Effect allows for total harmony with oneself and others, which activates a powerful vibrational signal resulting in increased prosperity and vitality.

A word from Sylvie Olivier, Creator of the Plenitude Effect

Through her research and professional experience, Sylvie discovered that human beings have access to several vibrations within themselves, including 12 vibrations that are accessible at all times from the Heart, namely Love, Joy and Peace, which form the Harmony sphere; Appreciation, Courage and Lightness, which form the Vitality sphere; and Compassion, Wonder and Care which form the Prosperity sphere. These vibrations, which we call Qualities of the Heart, are the source of natural and constant well-being, also called a feeling of Plenitude.

Thus, by integrating and feeling these Qualities (vibrations) of the Heart, which give access to Gamma brainwaves, Sylvie and Bernard assist people in returning to this state of Plenitude, available at all times in Neutrality, and by the same token, in welcoming their Ultimate LifeStyle.

The Plenitude Effect is the international platform they have created to assist Humanity in reconnecting to Plenitude through various projects, programs, events and live and online activities.

For starters, what is Plenitude and what does it have to offer us?

The feeling of Plenitude is the most powerful element, available and accessible at all times by any human being. It is a kind of fast track to the Ultimate Lifestyle; that is to say, a quality of optimal well-being that allows us to welcome and navigate with clarity and fluidity through the expansion of all the opportunities that life places on our path every day.

Plenitude is what truly and concretely allows us to welcome Harmony in our lives and relationships, Vitality in our bodies and minds, as well as Prosperity and Abundance in all its forms.

This Lifestyle may seem impossible to experience for some at first. However, for many years, our own experience and that of our clients has confirmed that it is more than possible.

Plenitude is available to all, at all times, and its power is life-changing.

Plenitude is above all a choice and a commitment towards the connection and the feeling of the intelligence of the heart. This heart connection rapidly offers harmonization between the heart and the head, allowing the dissolution of mental archives, crystallized emotions and patterns that keep us trapped in a limited reality. Welcoming Plenitude allows us to feel whole, solid, light and at peace… which opens the door to infinite possibilities of expansion.

Some people have shared their doubts about the feeling of the heart and Plenitude which, at first, can be very light, almost non-existent; this is quite natural when we have lived our whole life driven by the mind and disconnected from the feeling of the heart. However, by making the choice, every day, to commit to this feeling and by integrating it into our lifestyle as a daily practice (a few minutes a day is enough to start), this feeling expands very quickly, bringing with it well-being, clarity and fluidity.

What is the Plenitude Effect?

Through various projects, programs, events and activities, the Plenitude Effect allows people to experience the concrete results that scientific research worldwide has been scientifically proving for many years.

The 12 Qualities of the Heart that make up the Plenitude Effect are vibrations that are accessible and naturally present within every human being. They are also the key to a constant and permanent state of well-being, to our full potential and to the experience of the Ultimate Life Style.

New research on Gamma brain waves confirms this phenomenon. Gamma waves are brain waves that vibrate at a very high frequency. They are only accessible through the FEELING of the Heart Qualities such as those mentioned above.

Research shows that when we access Gamma Waves, we automatically experience a state of peak performance: increased memory, increased sensory perception, increased concentration, creativity and brain efficiency, the experience of compassion and gratitude across all activities, as well as a natural feeling of being happier, calmer and more at peace.

Are you ready to open yourself to feeling these 12 vibrations within you?

Here are the resources available to you:

Free resources and contributions from the Heart

Golden Heart Wisdom Free Membership

Explore a variety of free resources to assist you in bridging the gap between head and Heart, becoming aware of your vibrational signal, and changing it. New resources are added annually, here are a few examples of what you’ll find: the eBook “The Plenitude Effect: Experience Harmony, Vitality and Prosperity through the 9 Qualities of the Heart”, a trio of Resources about the Vibrational Signal, breathing technique videos, meditation audios, three 30-day Head to Heart Journeys, webinar recordings, and so much more!

Harmony for Humanity

What would you say to exploring, experiencing and sharing Harmony throughout the year with others around the world? Harmony for Humanity is an ever-expanding community that brings together people from every continent. The community’s activities are free, bilingual ( English and French) and consist of three components: a Facebook group, monthly webinars and Zoom meetings, as well as an annual International Celebration.

The 12 Vibrational Frequencies of the Heart” work of art

Experience the 12 vibrations of the Qualities of the Heart on a daily basis thanks to this downloadable creation that will certainly add a touch of Harmony, Vitality and Prosperity to your home. This creation is offered as a contribution from the Heart.

The Plenitude Effect and Women of the World Projects

Living and feeling the Qualities of the Heart on a daily basis allows one to experience a whole new paradigm. As soon as we say “YES”, life becomes an adventure filled with surprises, Harmony, Vitality and Prosperity! Discover the journeys and projects of women who have chosen to experience the Plenitude Effect through The Plenitude Effect and Women of the World program that took place throughout 2019.

Plenitude Around the World Webseries

Like the Butterfly Effect, The Plenitude Effect is gradually making its way around the world assisting people to experience, explore, express and expose the 9 Qualities of the Heart. Discover the unique experience of some of the participants through this web series available for free on the Golden Heart Wisdom TV channel.

Online Membership and Downloadable products

Golden Heart Wisdom Virtual Center Membership

The purpose of this one-year (12 months) membership is to allow you to experience the cocoon of Pure Love and all the Qualities of the Heart that those who enter the GHW Center feel. This bilingual (English and French) virtual membership includes monthly assistance in various forms (calls, harmonizations, and group activities). You will also have the opportunity to visit each of the rooms in the GHW Center and experience each station, guided by meditations, harmonizations, and activations.

From Solitude to Plenitude (downloadable product)

How to live in harmony with oneself and with others? How to escape the pattern of emotional dependence or independence experienced in duality? How can we experience Pure Love in Plenitude, in our body as well as in all spheres of our life? These are some of the topics covered in this downloadable product that offers you all the content and recordings of the From Solitude to Plenitude online program.

Resources offered at the Golden Heart Wisdom Center

Workshops, Cocooning Packages, and In-Person Retreats

The Golden Heart Wisdom Center offers in-person private and group assistance in a gentle, comfortable spa-like atmosphere, honoring all health regulations. To find out about the activities, Workshops, Feasts & Conversations, Cocooning packages, and Retreats currently available, we invite you to visit the Center’s website.

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