Life is a Privilege

Appreciating every moment

by Sylvie Olivier

There was a time when life was full of obstacles and felt like a burden. I was always preparing myself for the next battle, the next difficulty, the next suffering. I was convinced that this was life, and that I didn’t have a say in it or any different choices to make. Metro-boulot-dodo was my daily routine, not to mention the fear of running out of food for my children, the fear of losing my daughter who was very ill, the pain of seeing my marriage fall apart. In short, you get the picture! I felt tossed about by life like a puppet in the wind.

Needless to say, “Life is a Privilege” was a mental notion far removed from the reality in which I lived. It wasn’t part of my vocabulary, and it certainly wasn’t part of my consciousness.

Let’s just say that water has flowed under the bridge since then, and my life… Life… is now lived as a privilege! But it took a major change of vision to do so.

Know that no matter what your life circumstances, it’s possible to rise “above the clouds” of difficulties and struggles. As long as we continue to say and think that life is a struggle or that we have to choose our battles, we continue to perpetuate the energy of struggle in our lives.

The energy of fighting

I’m sure you’ve had experiences where you felt that the only way to survive or win was to put on boxing gloves and punch, or take your place firmly, or even put your foot down to avoid being invaded. And indeed, it’s a way of “getting through” or “overcoming obstacles” or protecting yourself. Far be it from me to criticize this approach. I’ve used it myself on several occasions.

That said, the amount of energy required to fight is so great that it exhausts our nervous system. Of course, you get a rush of adrenaline during the experience, so you feel a temporary increase in energy. What we don’t realize, however, is the extent to which these adrenaline surges stimulate the adrenal glands and compromise the vital energy circulating in our bodies.

So it’s hardly surprising that the number of burnouts is increasing exponentially. 

What’s more, emotions crystallize in the nervous AND glandular systems, so each adrenaline rush from the energy of the fight stimulates these emotions to circulate in an endless circle, only to be deposited again when the boxing gloves come off… until the next fight! Whether we’re fighting with life, circumstances, illness, people or whatever. ☺

The energy of a welcome embrace

As for the energy of a welcome embrace, it requires no effort, no struggle. All you have to do is open up, whatever the situation, and feel through your heart.

We’ve become used to judging and comparing in order to feel safe and secure. Judgment and comparison are so ingrained that a large majority of people are unaware of the impact this habit has on their ability to co-create a pleasant and prosperous life. Once again, a great deal of mental energy is required to keep these habits in place.

When we return to the Essence of who we really are, in connection with the heart, we access a renewable and infinite reserve of energy that flows effortlessly. We then have access to the energy of welcoming and embracing.

Welcoming is simply recognizing that every situation Life presents us with is always the highest potential for expansion for everyone, so we can embrace them.


  • Welcoming & embracing means ceasing to resist.
  • Welcoming & embracing means opening up to being at peace with all that is.
  • Welcoming & embracing means letting energy flow through you.
  • Welcoming & embracing means ceasing to hold back judgment of yourself or others.
  • Welcoming & embracing is recognizing the situation as it is.
  • Welcoming & embracing is breathing.
  • To welcome is to APPRECIATE every moment while embracing it!
  • To welcome is to recognize that Life is a Privilege as you embrace it!

Life si a Privilege

After releasing the survival patterns that had been programmed into me, I began to see through the thinning veil, and there I saw… I really SEEN and FEEL that the vital energy flowing through me was a priceless gift.

I began to play with the vibrations of Appreciation and Gratitude. Every evening, before going to bed, I would review my day and there would always be at least ONE item for which I had Appreciation and Gratitude.

And as I brought my attention more and more on the FEELING of these vibrations, I began to appreciate certain moments of the day. Then these micro-moments expanded, and now I’m in real APPRECIATION of absolutely every moment I’m privileged to experience.

As with everything in life, practice leads to mastery!


I invite you to have fun with Appreciation every day and start sharing these moments in a variety of ways:

In conclusion, it’s difficult to express how I really feel about “Life is a Privilege”. This feeling is beyond words… what I can say is that it touches me deeply, and sometimes even moves me to tears.

For me, Life is the most beautiful gift there is, and I’ve chosen to live it to the fullest without sweating the small stuff.

I appreciate the fullness of every moment… because Life is always full! It’s filled with EVERYTHING required for the expansion of each and every one of us.

To the Privilege of Life!
Sylvie xoxo

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