Dissoudre les émotions cristallisées

The effects of calibration in our lives

Those of you currently experimenting with living life in neutrality may have started to experience different sensations, whether physical, emotional or mental. Know that they are perfectly natural and are an integral part of the calibration stage.

Each neutrality-based cycle of expansion consists of 3 distinct stages:

  • Speed-up
  • Calibrate
  • Integrate

Let’s explore each of them individually in order to clarify their purpose and effects.



When our vibrational frequency rises, it prepares the body to return to its natural state of neutrality by freeing it from contractions originating mainly from mental archives and crystallized emotions that are located in the nervous and glandular systems. This increases fluidity and allows our cells to exchange freely with other cells and stimulate our organs and various other systems to optimize their effectiveness as they move towards optimal health. Please note that mental archives are formed of beliefs, limitations and perceptions.

During this stage, we’ll generally feel joy, peace and well-being. Our breathing naturally deepens as part of us recognizes the natural state of this elevated vibrational frequency. We stand taller in our physical body and a spark of light ignites within and emanates through our eyes.

For those of us slightly more sensitive to sensations, we’ll feel the increased vibrational frequency throughout our entire body, and this may temporarily destabilize us.

As we begin to experiment with the cycle of expansion, our first experiences, in general, with the speed-up stage, are rather gentle and quite pleasant; although short-lived. This is often the stage where curiosity takes over and we decide to open ourselves up to a new experience.



Calibration, on the other hand, is a rather active and destabilizing stage! It’s the period when, in order to be dissolved and expelled from the body, debris and residues from our mental archives and crystallized emotions begin to circulate. It can be rather unpleasant since all kinds of reactions can come about.


Physical Calibration

During this stage, the body often requires more rest and relaxation than usual so that it may do its “work” … In its innate intelligence, the body knows how to cleanse itself. By offering yourself and your body enough kindness to rest, it will proceed more quickly with the dissolution and evacuation process of mental and emotional “toxins”.

However, because we’ve magnificently programmed the body to follow each and every order given by the mental mind, we rarely offer it precious time for rest. Instead, the infamous performance pattern resurfaces and, rather than taking a moment to rest, we tend to want to double our efforts and reach our goals!!!

That’s when we slow down the cleansing process and impede upon the body’s innate intelligence. Plus, by continuing with our performance pattern, we feed our mental archives and even amplify them by recrystallizing emotions in our body which brings us back to discouragement and the vicious cycle continues as we convince ourselves that the only way out is for us to work even harder to accomplish our dreams. We therefore roll up our sleeves and brace ourselves for another combat which life has supposedly sent us.

However, by making the choice to welcome the dissolutions rather than resist them, we allow the body to release much more rapidly. In turn, the effects of the calibration stage will be quicker and less time-consuming. Why not dance with the Universe rather than fight it…

During the calibration period, know that it is absolutely natural for the physical body to experience different symptoms such as intense fatigue, pain, muscle and joint discomfort. You may even experience headaches, nausea or even catch a cold. The body will use the emunctories (exit doors) that are most suitable to the evacuation of dissolved residues.

Of course, if the discomfort persists, we invite you to consult a health professional. In neutrality, we are neither “for” nor “against” the use of methods that can assist you. In actuality, if traditional or alternative methods help you feel better, then they’ll directly assist you in moving towards neutrality rather than fighting and suffering in duality.


Mental Calibration

Mentally, confusion and numbness often settle in because when we’re cleaning up, we’re shaking off the dust …it’s almost like lifting the corners of a carpet that we’ve used to brush things under for years. By suddenly lifting up the carpet, it looks as though the room is inundated with dust particles that seem to fill up the room entirely, that is, until the dust particles either settle down in order to be removed or they simply exit through the open windows.


Emotional Calibration

It’s very similar emotionally… we can feel more emotional without really knowing why. Some may feel discouragement and will cut themselves off from their emotions while others will get the impression that they’re going to explode, just like a shaken champagne bottle.

In short, each of us has our own unique way of calibrating. One thing that’s certain is that when we open up and start letting the Universe guide us, the duration of the calibration period shortens considerably. It becomes much lighter and fluid as we prepare to integrate more rapidly with grace and ease.

The calibration period is designed to assist us in cleaning up the “house”, so to speak, in order to free ourselves of everything that isn’t vibrating at the new vibrational frequency which we welcomed during the first speed-up step. It is the Universe in action assisting us in freeing ourselves of contractions so that we may finally prepare ourselves to fully integrate, as we welcome fluidity and simplicity in all spheres of our life.



The final integration stage is when we feel the solidity of this new vibrational frequency in our body. Solidity experienced in lightness and fluidity… resistances have disappeared and a new space is created as our horizons broaden considerably.

This is when we SEE all available resources and we welcome them. These resources were already present in the past, but we couldn’t see them because of the filters that our mental archives and crystallized emotions had created and that were weighing down our bodies. Our body, being a conduit that carries our Essence, is now able to reconnect with its innate faculties and functions with fluidity and harmony.

The integration phase allows us to stabilize and harmonize this new vibrational frequency within and create space to welcome, with grace and ease, all of the treasures, gifts and resources that the Universe has in store for us!


The cycle of expansion…in expansion!

The beauty of the cycle of expansion is that it’s constantly renewing itself. Our bodies and all areas of our life are in constant expansion, much like the Universe.

So, I invite you to let yourself be gently rocked by each of the 3 steps, of each cycle of expansion that you experience. After a while, you’ll notice just how precise the Universe can be and how it ALWAYS knows what it’s doing…far beyond what the mental mind will allow us to believe.

The mental mind’s vision is limited in terms of the opportunities that are available to us, whereas the Universe, of which we’re a unique facet, will always guide and offer us extraordinary experiences. It will ask us to push our limits…until we’re completely aligned with the Universe and experience the highest expression of our uniqueness, within the body we’re currently occupying.


It would be my pleasure to read about your calibration experience…either on our Facebook page or on our blog!!!


Happy calibrating!

Sylvie Olivier

5 thoughts on “The 3 steps of the Cycle of Expansion experienced in Neutrality”

  1. I’ve been in a HUGE HUGE Calibration, and didn’t fully recognize it. It’s funny how much the reminder helps, even though on some level I’ve “learned” this before.
    I’ve experienced intense FATIGUE, moderate PAIN, and a feeling of uncertainty about what’s happening in my life.
    When I read the part about Calibration, a lightbulb went off and I felt awesome (SO AWESOME) about what this step is creating in my life right now!

    Immediately, I had the awareness of what’s being created through this, and then CERTAINTY that this is a Divine Gift.
    THANK YOU, Sylvie!!

    The part about how “The Universe ALWAYS knows what it’s doing, far beyond what my mind thinks” really hit home.

    1. Sylvie Olivier

      Dearest Kim! Thank you for your powerful message… I’m so happy that this article assisted YOU in allowing more calibration to occur with the certainty that the Universe ALWAYS knows what it’s doing!!! xoxo

    1. Marie-Ève Lord

      Hello Carol,

      Thank you for your sharing!
      The different stages of the cycle of expansion are only tools to assist you to understand what you’re experiencing. There is no need to know the exact stage you’re in right now… Thus, we invite you to breathe through your body sensations… allow… embrace what you’re experiencing and simply BE at Peace with your situation. 😉

  2. understanding999

    Dear Sylvie, thank you so much for generously sharing your Presence, your heart love and wisdom in all your writings and all your offerings. I have found them so helpful, especially the ones on compassion and judgment. But this one in particular on the 3 stages of the neutrality cycle really hit home for me. I can see what feels like a spiral around me and the different stages of calibration in the spiral I can see the dance of my ancestors, my parents, their pain and stuck patterns and where it sticks to me. I have a choice…I can play this out as they did in duality or I can choose to live consciously from the heart in neutrality and see it all as a dance. My own core light knows the difference and I’m choosing to align with that now and live my life in joyous alignment with the Universe and all its love, gifts, resources, wisdom, and loving support. I choose to live with and as the 9 qualities of the heart. It feels like the sun in my heart is shining and its rays are breaking through clouds of despair and hopelessness, anger and grief and resistance. AMEN! Much love and blessings to you and Bernard. 🙂 Aurora Mary Kilai (Wolf Spirit)

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