True Freedom

Freedom from beliefs and emotions

by Sylvie Olivier

In many parts of the world, we have the impression of being free to live our own way. And while this may be true in many cases, the fact remains that True Freedom is found when we are freed from the beliefs, judgments and limitations that form mental archives, as well as the crystallized emotions that resurface as soon as they are stimulated by a situation or a person. In other words, when someone or some circumstance pushes the “right button” and succeeds in making us feel out of sorts, afraid or angry, we’re not free!

  • Are you in the grip of fear of other people’s judgment?
  • Are you in the grip of self-judgment?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re not free! You’re a prisoner of the beliefs, habits, programming and emotions buried inside you.

Free yourself from beliefs and judgments!

Even before we saw the light of day, we knew we’d be born into a competitive world of duality and comparisons. As soon as we entered the world, comparisons began to flood in about our weight, our size, our beauty, our wit… and then the train of comparisons continued to run our lives.

As we grew up, we were told that we weren’t good enough, or that we should always be at our best. By living in this state of duality, we got stuck either trying to prove we were good, or striving to be the best. This conflict created tension and disharmony in our bodies. Slowly but surely, we learned to identify ourselves with the ego structure.

Little by little, these beliefs formed the mental archives located at the base of the skull. These mental archives filter the reality in which we live. This is one of the greatest sources of conflict and disagreement, as two people who have experienced the same situation will not have interpreted it in the same way. The distortion created by mental archives gives the impression of having experienced two different situations. These mental archives are directly linked to the ego.

Whether with family, friends or colleagues, it’s often the case that each person remains firmly entrenched in his or her own mental archive, without being open to recognizing the other’s perceptions. And so begins a slight misunderstanding that grows into a conflict, and finally ends in the energy of war between the two parties.

The ego is sneaky, lurking beneath the surface and dictating our reactions and behaviors. It’s a survival structure and makes us act in a certain way, deemed necessary to obtain love, approval and success. It is the very source of our desire to perform.

When we realize that no one is right or wrong, because everyone has their own perceptions according to the mental archives programmed in our mother’s womb, we begin to open up to freeing ourselves from judgment.

Freeing ourselves from beliefs and judgments forged in the ego is the greatest gift we can give ourselves! By freeing beliefs, we also free the crystallized emotions that are stimulated by mental archives.

What are crystallized emotions?

All so-called “negative” emotions are not well perceived in society, so we’ve learned to keep them quiet in order to shape our behavior to meet society’s standards, resulting in the crystallization of emotions in the nervous and glandular systems.

How many times have you wanted to express yourself simply, but were unable to do so? How many times have people silenced you or tried to force you to act in a certain way? And then the crystallization of emotion continued.

When an emotion has been repressed for a long time inside you, it’s only natural that it should resurface at some point – the Universe sends you instruments, such as certain people around you or certain situations that will press your buttons and allow you to dissolve the emotions crystallized inside you. By freeing yourself from this emotional overload, the magnetic bonds created around your experiences will dissolve, creating greater fluidity and harmony.

Dissolving crystallized emotions

From our earliest childhood, we have learned certain patterns, belief systems and behaviors. Most of these are defense mechanisms put in place to survive and be loved. For every experience we’ve had, our mind has interpreted it, categorized it as either positive or negative, and reacted to it in the form of an emotion. This emotion and our interpretation then crystallize in our body.

Know that it is entirely possible to literally dissolve the disharmony created by crystallized emotions, to vibrate with optimal health and experience love and success.

Release & dissolution exercise

When something happens in your life and you feel it’s not right, we invite you to :

  • Close your eyes
  • Place your hands on your heart
  • Take time to feel the emotions in your body
  • Let the emotions rise up and breathe through them.
  • Give yourself permission to truly feel the emotion in all its intensity, free from judgment and interpretation.
  • By not judging the emotion as positive or negative, you will simply experience it as AN experience.
  • Keep breathing into the emotion until it dissolves completely.
So, what do you say?

Are you ready to stop holding on to your emotions and live in neutrality, to finally embrace your Ultimate Lifestyle?

By connecting with our heart and our Essence, we stop letting our actions be directed by society, by our family and by the ego. We become increasingly free and open to welcome joy and abundance in all its forms.

Here’s to True Freedom!

Sylvie xxx

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