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9 Qualités du Coeur

It’s now time for a pause…

and integrate the 9 Qualities of the Heart!

Here we are already at the end of this series of articles around the exploration of the Plenitude Effect and its 9 wonderful Qualities of the Heart!

We can feel each of you at a distance and know that your experience was as powerful as your Yes, and it’s just so amazing!!

We invite you to take a moment to pause and consciously reflect upon your various experiences as you explored the Qualities of the Heart.


Perhaps your heart has filled itself with a little bit more Love, or maybe a whole lot. Have you noticed more spring in your step as Joy visits a little more often. Have you made Peace with what is as you honor this human experience a little differently?

Perhaps you feel deep Appreciation for something big, or something small in your life, something which you’d never paid much attention to? Do you feel Courage emanating from your heart as you listen to its guidance and take that next step into the unknown? Did you look around to make sure your feet were still on the ground as you integrated more Lightness in your life?

Perhaps you offered yourself a dose of something you’d never dared do before, actual Compassion, the kind that stems from the heart, free of any judgment. And in doing exactly that brought you such Awe and Wonder for what you felt within, for the beauty of living. Which then led you to feel and Care so much more, but especially, so very differently than ever before!


We truly hope from the bottom of our Hearts that this unique experience that is your own experience of the 9 Qualities of the Heart vibrated within you and gave you a sense of the Power of the Plenitude Effect!

We invite you to take a moment to pause, breathe and fully integrate all that you have taken in over the past few months… Take the time to revisit the Qualities of the Heart that may have left you a little confused and give yourself this moment of pause to integrate and welcome even more!

Our Facebook group is a terrific platform to welcome expansion and share heart to heart with wonderful people across the globe. Sometimes we may feel that what we’re experiencing is insignificant… but when we dare to share, we’re often amazed to see the impact of that on others!

Your sharing can give birth to beautiful awarenesses for someone else, or conversely, for you! There is such power in sharing when it is done through the heart! So, of course, with our hearts wide open, we invite you to join us, to share and exchange heart to heart, within our Facebook group.

In conclusion, we invited each of our team members to share about their own experience with the Plenitude Effect and the 9 Qualities of the Heart, and we thought you might enjoy reading their testimonials below. So here they are!


With Love, Joy, Peace, Appreciation, Courage, Lightness, Compassion, Wonder, and Care,

The Golden Heart Wisdom Team




“What a wonderful experience to feel each of the Qualities of the Heart… which at first meant absolutely nothing to me! 🙂 And then, with each monthly experience, each Quality took on all its meaning… a small feeling at first that grew to reach clarity… and I’d integrate their vibration throughout the day. There’s still so much to explore in the subtleties of each Quality. Now, rather than reading people with my mind, I can feel them through the Heart. That’s new to me… Listening with the heart! :)”   – Guylaine Giroux

“The Plenitude Effect has allowed me to integrate a Quality of Presence I’d never experienced in the past. I’m so much more connected and aware of what’s flowing through me and around me and I feel so much appreciation for each experience life offers me, regardless of whether the mind wants to categorize it as ‘positive’ or ‘negative’. Granted, it’s been quite the experience to feel profound gratitude for those experiences the mind wants to categorize as ‘negative’, and yet, it’s those very same experiences that allowed me to dissolve layers of protection and crystallized emotions that remained. I feel much lighter and freer, the heaviness I was once so used to living with is no longer present and doesn’t have a stronghold on me. I’m now free to emanate and share each of the Qualities of the Heart on a daily basis!”  – Sandy Aubry

“Feeling and integrating the Qualities of the Heart on a daily basis brings me so much lightness, peace, and such a joy of living. They remind me each time that I have a choice in my state of being, regardless of what happens. They also facilitate my awarenesses and pattern dissolutions that limited me in numerous spheres in my life. This entire experience allows me to feel the Freedom of Being, experience life as an adventure… receive all sorts of surprises and experience Abundance in all its forms!” – Marie-Ève Lord

“Given that what we focus our attention on expands, bringing my attention to the qualities of the heart and exploring each of them one by one allowed me to rediscover them with greater depth and feeling on a daily basis. They, therefore, occupied more and more space within me, which leaves a whole lot less for fear, judgment, and guilt.
It’s so much lighter!”
 – Suzie Villeneuve

“Firstly, the experience of integrating the qualities of the heart will have allowed me to become aware of certain words that I knew, but that didn’t mean much to me. Words I thought I understood with my mind and sometimes felt, but that had never known the depth that’s experienced in expansion. Sylvie’s assistance in becoming conscious of the essence of each of the qualities of the heart and to integrate them one by one through different experiences and proposals is a wonderful gift I offered myself. A gift that, step by step leads me to appreciate the entirety of life in all its forms all the while welcoming more and more abundance in all its forms.” – Eric Desroches

“Ever since welcoming the Qualities of the Heart into my life, I now take the time to connect to the heart and feel and feel each of their effervescence. My days become much lighter, fluid, and I feel “in the Sun” as I often say! It radiates upon those who surround me and I see their faces light up. It’s so wow!! Feeling the Plenitude Effect on a daily basis has been such a magnificent gift in my life.”  – Dominique Giroux

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