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What if LIGHTNESS was accessible to you every day, would you choose it?

We’re now at the Vitality Sphere’s 3rd Quality of the Heart … Lightness!

Choosing to live our daily life with lightness can seem so utopic when we’re stuck in the daily grind or are on a ceaseless quest for success, performance and accomplishments, and this on top of trying to carry the world on our shoulders!!! Truly, this notion is so far from most people’s reality that it almost seems impossible, unattainable even.

Heaviness has settled into almost all of our activities, morning to night, with very few pauses in between. And even our breaks are regularly filled with worry or preoccupations. But tell me… is that life? Is that truly the type of life you desire?

Is it possible that life could be experienced with lightness all the while accomplishing our daily activities, celebrating harmonious relationships, manifesting our inspirations with vitality as we welcome and embrace the expansion of prosperity at all levels?

Wow! Oh! Let’s take a moment here to let that sink in and reread that last paragraph!

So, is it possible to live with lightness:

  • As we accomplish our daily activities?
  • As we celebrate harmonious relationships?
  • As we manifest our inspirations with vitality?
  • As we welcome and embrace the expansion of prosperity?

Well then… the answer is a very vibrant YES!!! Lightness is a CHOICE… it’s a state of consciousness and openness that goes beyond what you may have already known until now.

Obviously, this transition requires that we open our horizons and explore different avenues… because if we continue doing things the same way we always have and expect different results… chances are we might be disappointed, wouldn’t you agree?

Let’s explore together each of the previous items:

Accomplishing our daily activities
For starters, I invite you to take a look at your schedule and remove any elements that don’t vibrate with you and that aren’t required to conserve inner and familial harmony. You’ll surely have the possibility to alleviate your calendar and use the time that was dedicated to accomplishing other tasks for things such as, a breathing session, yoga, a beverage in good company, a massage, or simply, a period of rest.

Celebrating harmonious relationships
Afterwards, I suggest looking at your relationships and stop holding on to control or fear for your loved ones… as such, they’ll feel freer, will fly of their own avail and will be much lighter and happier. Same goes for you.

Manifesting your inspirations with vitality
What if you chose to create space between your thoughts to welcome and embrace inspirations that you’re enthusiastic about? This also requires that you become conscious of the current state of your mind… is it clustered, does it look like a hamster spinning in circles? So, what if now was the time to welcome a little more silence between your thoughts?

Welcome and embrace the expansion of prosperity
And now, what would you say to putting an end to the fear of never having enough…of not succeeding at the very top of your aspiration… or of constantly being disappointed that you’re STILL not where you’d like to be? Regardless of where you find yourself on the abundance scale, the fear, the deception, the control, all create barriers of heaviness around you and prohibit you from accessing all the prosperity that’s available to you, and this, with lightness.

Once you’ve assessed the current reality of your activities, your relationships, your inspirations as well as your prosperity… and you’d like to take it one step further, we invite you to take a sensory photo of your being, that is to feel what’s going on in your body, your thoughts, and your emotions.

This feeling will allow you to become even more consciously aware of how you live your life with areas of conscious and unconscious heaviness, which will allow you to modify your journey and as such, choose a new avenue.


I’d like to propose a very simple exercise to take consciousness of your current state of being. For, prior to choosing Lightness, it’s important to locate the zones of heaviness within you.

Firstly: take a moment to feel the zones of heaviness within your body, that is, where there’s tension present. Start with the head and gently lower to your neck, shoulder, back and spine, thorax, abdomen, arms to your hands, pelvis, legs down to your feet.

Secondly: visit your thoughts, what does your mind focus its attention on? Do you have thoughts of lack or effort surrounding what’s required of you, or expectations that run on an endless loop creating dissatisfaction? Or even limits that are quite present and that you’re stuck in?

Thirdly: Let’s now finish with emotions. Do you tend to live with worry, impatience or anger? Perhaps you’re ashamed of a particular situation in which you find yourself, or do you constantly fear failure or, of not achieving your objectives?

The first “scan” consists of locating those zones of heaviness (feeling) in your body, your thoughts, and emotions.


After you’ve gone ahead and taken a sensory photo of yourself… you can take a pause and BREATHE to allow the zones of heaviness to flow… until the heaviness’ intensity diminishes more and more… until all that’s left are residues.

During your breathing, you can invite Lightness within you, by embarking upon the same journey you took to locate your zones of heaviness, but this time, by welcoming and embracing LIGHTNESS.

This is a very simple exercise to do… we invite you to practice it numerous times during the month and to share what you discover with us… and especially, that of your welcoming and embracing of Lightness!

Of course, these are but a few paths that we invite you to explore within this article. However, these invitations can have a significant impact on your life, if you choose to say YES of course!


Know that you’re always welcome to share your experiences in the Facebook group “Return to the Essence of the Ultimate Lifestyle”. It’s always so joyful for us to read about your experiences.

In addition, many experiences related to each Heart Quality are offered free of charge within the basic membership of Golden Heart Wisdom.

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Let’s salute LIGHTNESS!
Sylvie & Bernard xoxo

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