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Let It Be Love!

In February 2018, we invited you to participate in the 28 days of Pure Love Within Experience that’s still available within the second journey “Journey From Head to Heart”.

The experience was so incredibly powerful and profound for each participant that many of them repeated the experience each year and some even a few times during the year.

Why is this experience so powerful? And what are the actual impacts within our lives?

Through this experience, our vibrational signal is impregnated with Love, which sends the essence of Love and the Qualities of the Heart out into the Universe, and then they return to us, multiplied! Wonderful, isn’t it?

As Plenitude is composed of 9 distinct Heart Qualities, including Love, it fills us from within and metamorphizes our reality! If I could convey to you all the beauty that I see as I write these words, I’d be so honored and filled with joy!

We know… yes, we absolutely know that when enough people experience Plenitude, the entire planet will benefit from it. Whether it be as an individual, business, or society; when the absence or lack of Love is filled from within, true harmony will be possible amongst all of us… couples, families, friends, colleagues, to embrace Humanity in its entirety.


An invitation to FEEL this Quality of the Heart: LOVE!!!

Perhaps you’ve noticed how when we speak of Love, we often talk about Pure Love… of course, we’re referring to the PURITY of this Love … but also of its total freedom to be, given that it holds no conditions whatsoever.


In fact, this LOVE is the source of ALL that exists!

Our entire body is composed of Love… Quantum physics has shown that when we look deep within an atom, we find quanta’s that are units of light. These units of light are composed of LOVE! Pure Love is therefore the fabric from which we’re made of!!!

What more can we say about Pure Love than to share that spark of life that gives birth to everything… Everything… EVERYTHING!!! So vast and yet so intimate at the same time.

Now let’s talk about relationships! Your relationship with yourself is THE most important one there is! Welcoming and connecting to Pure Love within isn’t at all the same as learning to love oneself or giving oneself love…

Learning to love yourself or giving yourself love will simply keep you running in circles and maintain you on an endless quest for love from external sources. And when these external sources stop existing and feeding you, you’ll return to the very same quest in an endless loop.

So, by welcoming the Pure Love that resides within… you’ll connect to the very source of who you are… which is the fastest and most powerful way to feel Plenitude within YOU!!!

Ahhh it’s so wonderful to FEEL this Love that flows within us… for some, it might feel like warmth throughout the body, for others, it’s a tingling sensation, solidity, peace, and champagne bubbles! Regardless… each of us is unique and each of us is living this experience in our own unique way!

What would you say to pursuing by inviting Pure Love to be your ally in your daily life? Should you choose to accept this invitation, you’ll notice how the eyes of the heart will open… and these aren’t just empty words… it’s a physical feeling & knowing, that of looking through the eyes of the heart. A neurological connection that reignites between the heart (where everything was initially formed) and the eyes that are linked to the nervous system.


To assist you in starting to feel or in continuing with your heart opening, we invite you to experience the 30-day Journey Journey from Head to Heart.

In addition, many experiences related to each Heart Quality are offered free of charge within the basic membership of Golden Heart Wisdom.

In addition, what would you say to exploring, feeling, and sharing the Harmony sphere (Love, Joy, Peace) with others around the world? If it makes your heart sing, we invite you to view October 24th, 2021’s Harmony for Humanity Celebration that brought together representatives and participants from across the globe! Click here to view it.


May you feel the profusion of Love within YOU!

To health and Love!!!
Sylvie & Bernard xoxo

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