What is Plenitude?

Plenitude represents the entirety of all that is and what we regularly share with you… fully occupying our own space. In fact, our vibrational space extends beyond us and always keeps our physical body filled… but with what?

Is it filled with fear, limits, deception, control, helplessness, impatience and so on? Is it filled with the energy of others around us whom we’re trying to help or save? You’ve surely noticed how oftentimes; certain people are refuges as they take in the energy of those around them. Or, how often have we thought that people needed us, such as our children… which leads us to take charge of their well-being, their happiness, their success, and so on.

In so doing, we get caught up in a vicious cycle that becomes heavier and heavier until we feel guilty if we choose not to continue. Which then maintains them in a state of helplessness and causes our vibrational signal to not only be distorted but also riddled with heaviness and low intensity….

However, there’s such beauty and vibrancy in watching these very same people brush themselves off and get up again, re-align with themselves, and choose to say YES… on their own… which is something they couldn’t do if we’d been doing it for them.



What would you say to filling that space with the Plenitude Effect’s 9 Qualities of the Heart? By saying YES to these Qualities of the Heart, your vibrational signal will become more and more integrated and powerful… giving you access to all available resources in the Universe’s buffet! We propose exploring each of them with the curiosity and wonder of a child along with the maturity of an adult.

But first of all, what are these 9 Qualities of the Heart?

They’re categorized into 3 distinct spheres of the Plenitude Effect: Harmony – Vitality – Prosperity, in a brand-new tool created just for you.


Harmony Sphere

The Harmony sphere is about our relationship with ourselves, with our loved ones, our friends, our colleagues, and with Humanity.

Here are the 3 Qualities of the Heart of the Harmony sphere:

When we reconnect with the essence of these Qualities of the Heart, a trio of extraordinary power emerges and modifies our relationships in all areas of our lives. We begin by exploring and feeling down into our very cells, to then express it to our loved ones, to then expose it on a much larger scale. Our life experience become so rewarding and fulfilling and we share that spark with everyone we encounter, and so much more!


Vitality Sphere

The vitality sphere is more about the physical and mental bodies… we can feel vitality as much in our physical body as well as in our mind and it’s a catalyst that assists us in accomplishing projects that make us vibrate.

Here are the 3 Qualities of the Heart of the Vitality sphere:

Another powerful trio that is expressed through the Vitality sphere… we feel alive, playful, and full of energy! We’re open to fully experiencing the essence of life through all the opportunities that come to us.


Prosperity Sphere

Of course, the Prosperity sphere brings us to finances… but not in an exclusive manner. Prosperity is the art of bearing fruit at its purest form… both from a financial abundance perspective, but also from the perspective of an abundance of ideas, resources, friends, health, and so on.

Here are the 3 Qualities of the Heart of the Prosperity sphere:

  • Compassion
  • Wonder
  • Care

How do we choose to act with money, with the ideas and inspirations we receive? Do we welcome them with wonder? Do we experience health, financial abundance, friends with care and compassion? When we welcome this trio, our life experience completely changes! Financial abundance grows through us – for us of course – and for Humanity! It’s THE go-to expansion formula!




The vibration of Plenitude is so great, rich, and pure because it quite literally fills us from the inside, which has the effect of making us accessible to absolutely all the resources that are available for us as well as emanating this vibration throughout Humanity!

What would you say to experiencing, living, feeling, and sharing the essence of each Heart Quality?

Several experiences related to each Heart Quality are offered free of charge within Golden Heart Wisdom’s
basic membership

In addition, what would you say to exploring, feeling, and sharing the Harmony sphere (Love, Joy, Peace) with others around the world? If it makes your heart sing, we invite you to view October 24th, 2021’s Harmony for Humanity Celebration that brought together representatives and participants from across the globe! Click here to view it.


Here’s to sharing Plenitude with you!
Sylvie & Bernard xoxo

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