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Appreciating the Human Experience in all its facets… is it possible?

After having explored the Harmony sphere with the following Qualities of the Heart – LoveJoyPeace… it’s now time to explore the Plenitude Effect’s 2nd sphere – that of Vitality!

Yes, certainly physical vitality, but also the spirit’s Vitality that opens us up to clearly receiving inspirations and that offer us the necessary energy to accomplish our projects with lightness and fluidity.

As we dive into the heart of the Vitality sphere, we explore the 1st Quality of the Heart: Appreciation!

Most of the time, Appreciation is experienced in a very conditional manner. We’re grateful and appreciative of an event, a material good or a person… when an event makes us vibrate, when material goods enter our lives or when someone does something that satisfies us from the outside.

However, this way of experiencing Appreciation always maintains us in an endless loop of expectations, and when they aren’t satisfied, we experience deception, frustration, discouragement, or even anger.

Let’s now define the meaning of Appreciation in Neutrality.

Appreciation experienced in the heart looks like this… we open our eyes in the morning and we’re already appreciative of the success that waking up represents! It can seem a bit utopic, perhaps even a little corny, however, it’s very real when we live life within our heart and in Plenitude.

Our degree of appreciation constantly increases… we feel it in our body as we go through our various activities, such as getting out of bed, preparing breakfast, taking a shower, brushing our teeth… you get the idea! Just being able to move with our body is so amazing.

I vividly remember the years when my daughter was in a wheelchair and had trouble moving about. During the night, she’d wear orthotics on her hands/arms and feet/legs to prevent further deformation. At the time, she was living with severe systemic rheumatoid arthritis.

So, when she’d wake in the morning, the first thing she was aware of was the pain of her stiff limbs, deformed by inflammation … and the fact that she had to wait for me to get up. I would remove her orthotics and set her down in a bath to allow movement in an easier and smoother fashion.

This experience allowed us to be very conscious that waking on our own in the morning and getting ready for the day ahead is an absolute success!

That being said, we don’t have to experience such extreme situations to choose to APPRECIATE life in every moment… not from what it brings us from external sources, but simply from the opportunity we have to experience our daily lives through all of our senses.

Admiring nature, hearing the sound of a child laughing, holding a baby in our arms, cuddling up to someone we love, tasting the many different flavors available, smelling a flower’s perfume or the aroma of essential oils or even that of the sea. I’m sure you’ll agree that these are but a few simple examples of what’s available.



Appreciating our daily life as it is right now – whether it’s the car we drive, the money that allows us to purchase food, clothes and all sorts of things that make our lives cushier – this opens the door to more abundance; but only when we cease wanting more, more, more AND when we no longer need external sources to fully live, to feel good enough, to prove our success and performance!!!!!

The paradox is often difficult for the mind to understand – that of making ourselves accessible to all the resources of life’s buffet by ceasing to hold on to the need to be satisfied from the outside. It would be so much simpler and more enjoyable, would it not, to RECEIVE everything we need – or rather what we think we need to feel satisfied and fulfilled – BEFORE expressing our Appreciation? ☺

However, that’s not how the Universe operates to be truly filled from within. Because when we wait after external sources to be happy, we’re often disappointed, or we work hard to allow ourselves all kinds of rewards that make us happy and satisfy us, but only very temporarily. It’ll always have to be started over again and it’ll always require MORE to feel the same exhilarating feelings of success.

This pattern often begins with a weekend where we absolutely need to relax and unwind, so we’ll say that we deserve some form of reward… whether it’s a glass of wine, an impulse purchase or outings with so much partying that it takes a few days to completely recover.

Then, next time, it’ll need to be something bigger… so … jewelry or a “reasonably” priced watch, but it’s perfect, because we deserve it! Then, it’ll still be more jewelry and watches, but with considerably higher price tags.

Then it’ll be a car … and very quickly, it’ll take a 6-digit luxury car to satiate us … or a house, a condo, a loft, etc.

I’m sure you understand the progression of desires to meet the needs of the mind/ego. And you know, all the objects that I mentioned before are neutral. It’s the motivation behind them and the attachment to them that weigh down the experience and maintain us in an endless loop, always searching for more, more, more.

The Universe is always in EXPANSION … so it’ll constantly bring expansion to our needs, because the Universe takes our vibrational signal that’s emitted, makes it expand and comes back to us, multiplied. The more we need external sources to fulfill our desires to feel good enough and to be recognized by our peers, the more we’ll create a bottomless pit where satisfaction will be more and more fleeting.


Interested in an alternative? What if, moving forward, you chose to be filled from within, in your existing life? What if you chose to focus on the small details you appreciate?

I remember a time in my life when the only details I could truly appreciate were a stranger’s smile and a candle flame that I’d lit at dinner. Everything else was really difficult … but I’d realized that appreciation and gratitude was a very important key.

And then, little by little, things started to change for me …

  • I met Bernard and we’ve shared such a profound love for over 25 years now.
  • I opened myself up to receive a wonderful resource that assisted my daughter in a major way in her recovery towards health.
  • I started a business that opened the doors to prosperity.
  • And now, I’m assisting Humanity in becoming aware that this choice is also available for every human being.

It all started with me opening up my horizons, a single degree of extra vision … to then open up more and more.

By consciously choosing to focus on what we truly appreciate, our vibrational signal changes … rather than sending out a signal of lack that’ll inevitably expand, we send out a signal of appreciation… and what happens then? We always receive more situations and experiences that allow us to feel Appreciation.

You merely need to make a choice… one choice! Choosing Appreciation is to make ourselves ACCESSIBLE to all the resources that are available in the Universe’s buffet!

So, there you have it! It’s what we wish for you with all our hearts!


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To the health of Appreciation!
Sylvie & Bernard xoxo

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