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Feeling and emanating Profound Joy!

An invitation for Humanity!

How do you experience Joy in your life?

Most of the time, Joy is conditional to a specific event or to an external situation… Currently, that’s how it’s experienced in society, which means that it’s random and experienced sporadically in our lives.

We’d like to bring your attention to these questions to bring clarity in your relationship with JOY:

  • How do you usually experience Joy?
  • Is it related to a source, a person or an external event?
  • Do you give yourself permission to experience it, or is it so profoundly enveloped in the arms of sadness and deception that you can never actually access it?

We invite you to explore your relationship with Joy on a daily basis to see with clarity, the habits, beliefs, and programming that has filtered your capacity to wholeheartedly FEEL the vibration of JOY!


Here’s a special invitation to welcome the 2nd Quality of the Heart of the Plenitude Effect: JOY!!!

We’d like to extend an invitation to you… we invite you to explore Profound Joy experienced with authenticity and without needing a specific reason! What do you say?

With the Plenitude Effect, Joy originates from Love and when it emanates, it is gentle, soft, radiant, charming, enveloping and powerful! It can be as soft as a summer breeze or can show up out of nowhere like a firecracker!

Either way, the feeling that’s present within us is quite profound, simple and always present.

Profound Joy is always available when it comes from within us… even when rather sad events occur. Of course, a feeling of sadness can occasionally appear, but it’s temporary and never impacts the Profound Joy that is always present and available.

This JOY is never conditional… it begins by a choice of living and experiencing it in relation to sensations within, to then share it with those around us, even if they’re unaware or don’t appreciate it.

Joy as a Quality of the Heart IS and ALWAYS WILL BE available… by choosing it, we integrate it within us and it adds itself to our vibrational signal, sending out a vibration of Love and Joy combined… and as you know, you’ll start receiving more and more opportunities in your reality, illustrating the power of the co-creator that resides within.


« Are you ready to welcome Joy in your life and explore its essence? »

Here’s a very simple trick to assist you in exploring and FEELING it: smile and dance… Yes! Smiling at a loved one, a stranger, or to your own reflection in the mirror AND looking and feeling that sparkle that emanates from your eyes, it’s a wonderful exercise!

Even if at first, you feel like an imposter or that you’re lying to yourself… we invite you to continue your exploration by inviting Joy in your smile… and to practice! Like with anything, practice refines and amplifies the effect of the “results”!☺


And now, give way to DANCING!

Have you ever tried dancing to rhythmic and joyful music and staying sad at the same time? Hmmm.. we invite you to explore this avenue! Of course, your mind will surely tell you that it’s stupid, a waste of time, and useless… but what does your heart say? Could it be that it’s also inviting you to experience dance?

You see, the body releases various mental and emotional toxins through movement and dance and also assists in welcoming a feeling of Plenitude and Joy!

So, what do you say?

Shall we do an experiment together?

The experiment of a SMILE a day and daily dancing throughout the entire month?

Just by writing the words, I’m smiling and dancing on my chair… it’s so electrifying! I’m already filled with JOY… how about you?

Are you ready to say YES to the invitation? Let’s fill ourselves up with JOY, let’s allow it to infuse itself in our cells and emanate through us to assist Humanity in FEELING this JOY of the Plenitude Effect!

Together, let’s assist Humanity in exploring this Profound Joy!


Oh and… we’d be truly honored to read about your experiences in the Facebook group “Return to the Essence of the Ultimate Lifestyle”!!!

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In addition, what would you say to exploring, feeling, and sharing the Harmony sphere (Love, Joy, Peace) with others around the world? If it makes your heart sing, we invite you to view October 24th, 2021’s Harmony for Humanity Celebration that brought together representatives and participants from across the globe! Click here to view it.


To health and JOY!
Sylvie & Bernard xoxo

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