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Feeling True Peace…

is it possible in times of chaos?

Is it possible to experience inner peace while the world experiences chaos?

Our answer: absolutely YES! Of course, as we mentioned with Joy, we’ll certainly sometimes come into contact with people experiencing chaos and stressful situations. However, it’s more than possible to live in heart connectedness where Peace resides… this form of True Peace is unwavering.

That said, we’re quite conscious of external chaos and we honor absolutely everyone who’s experiencing it… we can see, without judgment, what’s present with a whole lot of compassion. However, if we enter chaos thinking that it’s the only way to honor those stuck within its grasp, we’ll also find ourselves in its clasp… and so, we won’t truly be able to assist them in clearly seeing opportunities for calm fluidity that’ll present themselves.

We’ve been programmed to position ourselves at the exact same place as those we love and who are suffering… and you know, I did it so often, never actually realizing how I had no actual impact upon reality.

When I realized that by joining people in their chaotic situations, stress only amplified and grew in their lives, so, I made a different choice.

I made the choice to stay positioned At the Heart of Neutrality by living in Plenitude… and then, I saw the impact it had in the lives of the people for whom I had, and continue to have, Love and Compassion for… but by positioning myself side by side with them – rather than trying to save them – I started to see the courage of the different choices they chose to make for themselves. They didn’t need me anymore! They were already whole and complete as they were, in every single moment… the only thing for me to do was to continue living in Plenitude with the Qualities of the Heart and to look at these very same persons with the certitude that they’re quite capable of receiving all resources for themselves.

Wow! That awareness has been the most powerful of my entire life! I didn’t have to save anyone anymore, in fact, I wasn’t ‘better’ than anyone else – we were all equal!

It’s with that inner certitude that today, I invite you to explore another Quality of the Heart!


Here’s a unique invitation for you to welcome the Plenitude Effect’s 3rd Quality of the Heart: Peace!

You’ll probably want to know what we mean by True Peace prior to accepting our invitation and it’s absolutely natural!

What is True Peace?

True Peace in unwavering… it’s both solid and light. It’s fluid all the while being immensely powerful. It’s clear and harmonious and flows with fluidity within our body.

This True Peace is an integral part of the Plenitude Effect and it integrates the vibrational signal that we emit out into the universe which then returns to us tenfold!

We’re now at the Plenitude Effect’s Harmony Sphere and its 3 Qualities of the Heart!

Here’s our proposal to assist you in exploring and sharing True Peace:


3-Step Exercises to feel PEACE

  1. We invite you to BREATHE 3 times, a little slower and more deeply than usual.
  2. We invite you to gently TAP (tapping) on your clavicles (bones located right below your neck) with your fingers – thumb on one side and 2 or 3 fingers on the other side, regardless of which hand is used – and continue your slow and purposeful breathing.
  3. We now invite you to HUM (humming) and slowly inhale and on your exhale, with your mouth closed, allow your breath to exit audibly.

You can refer to the video that’s available in the Facebook group “Return to the Essence of the Ultimate Lifestyle” to guide you.

Of course, these are only a few examples we propose… there are many other ways to FEEL Peace… it’s up to you to choose the option that suits you best!

What we’ve noticed is that it isn’t always easy for everyone to connect to Peace and feel it in the body. That’s why we propose these very quick and easy exercises to do.

We’d like to propose having another experience together!!!

What would you say to experiencing True Peace by practicing the 3-step peace exercise every day for 30 days and spreading it around the world?


And of course, it would be with great joy that we would read about your respective experiences in the Facebook group “Return to the Essence of the Ultimate Lifestyle!!!

In addition, many experiences related to each Heart Quality are offered free of charge within the basic membership of Golden Heart Wisdom.

In addition, what would you say to exploring, feeling, and sharing the Harmony sphere (Love, Joy, Peace) with others around the world? If it makes your heart sing, we invite you to view October 24th, 2021’s Harmony for Humanity Celebration that brought together representatives and participants from across the globe! Click here to view it.


To the health of PEACE!
Sylvie & Bernard xoxo

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