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What if Courage was simply a reminder of the age of the heart (French: cœur-âge = English:heart-age)?

We’re now well into the Plenitude Effect’s 2nd sphere – Vitality! Let’s dive right into the heart of this 2nd Quality of the Heart, that of Courage!

When we profoundly grasp the true essence of Courage as a Quality of the Heart, we no longer experience it quite the same way. You see, in French, the word courage is derived from two words cœur which means heart, and âge which means age. So essentially the word courage means a return to the era of the heart.

Courage is often perceived as arduous and difficult, demanding that we roll up our sleeves and prepare for the battle ahead, that we overcome obstacles or that we face various conflicts or react to adversity.

However, if we go back to its roots, the very essence of the word COURAGE, represents a return to the era of the heart in French Coeur=heart, and Age=Era… which brings so much more fluidity and lightness than what’s present in the current day interpretation.

Popular belief states that courage is a quality that should be developed. However, if we take a look at the very essence of this quality, it’s polarized. One the one hand, we have courage, and on the other, there’s cowardice or laziness.

In society, effort is greatly valued. How many times did I hear my parents tell me, “If you want something in life, you have to roll up your sleeves and work hard!” in other words… make sure you have enough courage to work hard and put in the necessary efforts! And those who didn’t were automatically deemed to be lazy. Well, let’s just say I had no intention of being lazy!

When courage is used in duality/polarity consciousness, it’s actually possible to achieve our goals… but at what price? What we don’t realize is that eventually, the other side of the coin will show up knocking on our door. So, we’ll have had the courage to work hard to achieve our goals, only to watch another part of our life fall to pieces. It took me a whole lot of time, schooling, and numerous painful experiences to truly grasp the essence of duality/polarity.

But as soon as I truly understood how polarity worked and just how unnecessary it was to row upstream with effort and hard work to succeed… I started to relax, open up my horizons and experience life in a whole new way. In fact, prior to returning to the intrinsic nature of Courage lived in Neutrality, all I was doing was surviving.

And it’s a pattern we often see, whether it’s with our clients, friends, family members, who all learned to roll up their sleeves and live with courage. The courage to surpass ourselves and always push harder, further, sure… but with so much hard work that they’d get discouraged or would exhaust themselves completely before making a different choice.

And so, what if Courage – the era of the heart – was intimately linked to our Ultimate Lifestyle?

When we choose to experience Courage through Neutrality, everything becomes simpler and more fluid. Of course, it doesn’t mean sitting around waiting for things to fall into place without needing to do anything. But, we don’t have as many frenzied actions to take and we chose to appreciate both the journey and the destination. A few inspired actions taken with Courage offer superb results!

Courage is intimately linked to Appreciation which we explored in the previous article. Having the courage to live each moment through the Appreciation of WHAT IS… without needing things to be different to be happy.

Courage is also:

  •  Saying YES to our heart, even if it’s scary and that our mind doesn’t understand.
  • Traveling 18 inches from the Head to the Heart.
  • Taking the first step when an opportunity that makes our heart vibrate shows up on our doorstep.
  • Explore and express the Qualities of the Heart.
  • Choose to share and expose ourselves in our own unicity.
  • Recognizing the distinction between the ego’s wants and desires and that of welcoming through our heart.
  • Honoring ourselves and each person’s experience.

I remember when my daughter was ill, certain individuals didn’t agree with the choices I was making given that they weren’t traditional societal choices… was I scared? Of course, however, each time I checked in with my heart and I followed its guidance, we moved forward. And today, with hindsight, we can see just how my heart guided me with its innate intelligence and profound wisdom.

Let me be quite clear… I wasn’t rejecting one type of medicine to welcome another. I made myself accessible to all resources that were available and it was through this neutrality that we had such an experience.

If I had wanted to use courage as it was and is still often used, I would have taken to the streets to fight… but rather, I always came back to my heart, regardless of the comments flowing around me that could have easily been interpreted as negative.

By saying YES to the heart’s courage, obstacles moved out of way of their own accord, I didn’t have to fight. Same thing for conflicts that could have emerged if I’d wanted to face adversity.

So once again, what I’m proposing, I lived it. I know the difference and especially, the immeasurable power of the HEART! The heart isn’t weak… it has incredible power! We simply need to listen to it… and listening to our heart is the greatest confirmation of Courage expressed at its highest potential!

Here is our invitation for you… what if, each day, rather than reacting to external stimuli, you consulted your heart? Even if at first, you’re not quite sure if it’s your heart or your mind speaking, know that with practice will come mastery!


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To a return to the Era of the Heart… Courage!
Sylvie & Bernard xoxo

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