Discover, Explore and Live the Journey from Head to Heart through these three journeys!

We’ve learned to live in a world of duality/polarity guided by the mind, thus creating immense pressure for success, through well defined conditions.

Neutrality, on the other hand, doesn’t judge circumstances as being negative or positive, therefore releasing the pressure felt within humans. Neutrality welcomes all situations as the greatest opportunity for the expansion and expression of human potential.

This neutrality cannot be experienced through the mind and is only accessible through the connection to the heart which has a brain of 40,000 unpolarized neurons.

This is the Head to Heart Journey’s raison d’être: to assist you in returning to that natural state of neutrality and plenitude, accessible and available to every human being, at all times, from the heart.

By choosing to take this journey from the head to the heart, your vibrational signal changes to become more fluid therefore having repercussions on all concrete manifestations in your life.

Are you ready to take this journey?

Here are three 30-day journeys that are completely free, to assist you in your experience.

To make your journey a little smoother, we invite you to experience them in chronological order; starting with the 1st, then the 2nd and finally the 3rd … However, each journey is unique and you’re free to experience them in any order you see fit for your highest potential for expansion.

How the different journeys work

By registering for a journey, you’ll receive an email once a day for 30 days that includes:

  • a brief introduction about a topic related to the Journey from Head to Heart;
  • proposed exercises;
  • a resource to assist you through your daily experience.

Journey Descriptions

1st journey: Discover the Journey from Head to Heart

Through this journey, we invite you to discover the different elements that make up the experience of survival life in duality/polarity, the opportunities to free ourselves from it, as well as the possibilities offered to us by the experience of life lived through the neutrality of the heart.

Explore Journey from Head to Heart

2nd journey: Explore the Journey from Head to Heart

If you enjoyed the 1st journey and said “YES” to freeing the mental patterns that make up (survival) life, we invite you to explore the journey from head to heart a little more in depth through this 2nd journey. This journey invites you to dive directly into the heart of yourself through an absolutely unique experience of 28 days of Pure Love Within

3rd journey: Live the Journey from Head to Heart

If you enjoyed the 2nd journey and are ready to feel and experience a more profound heart connection, daily, through your body, your mind and all spheres of your life, we invite you to live this 3rd journey and welcome a grandiose expansion of Harmony, Vitality and Prosperity in your Life!

For any questions regarding these three journeys or any resources offered by Golden Heart Wisdom, we invite you to contact our team by writing to

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