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Wonder & Awe: Reality or Utopia?

We now find ourselves at the Prosperity Sphere’s second Quality of the Heart… Wonder!

Wonder and even awe are often perceived as illusionary, a fairy tale or utopia. But is that really the case?

I’d like to explore and discover the true nature of wonder experienced in neutrality… interested in joining me?

What if wonder was to bring together a feeling of admiration, surprise, joy, and appreciation? Does that make sense to you… to allow you to open up to all its power?

A feeling of Wonder and even awe, infused into our vibrational signal has such huge power over all concrete manifestations in our life!!!


Let’s see the four elements of Wonder in more detail:


Admiration creates an opening to see beyond what we’re used to seeing. It, therefore, assists us in opening up our horizons and accessing even more degrees to our vision.

Admiration provokes a feeling of joy and fulfillment with what we consider to be grand and beautiful, such as with nature that’s always in expansion, year after year, and that touches us by starting with the infinitely small – like a small flower or embryo – to the infinitely grand – like the Rocky Mountains or oceans.


When we’re surprised by an event, an invitation, the gracefulness of a symphony, an inspired action, nature, a person or something unexpected, we become curious and feel something within us that pushes us to want to explore a little further. That feeling of surprise assists us in welcoming the unexpected, therefore to grow and expand.

When an element of surprise occurs we tend to connect to the curiosity of a child all the while maintaining the maturity of an adult. In doing so, we make ourselves accessible to what’s available with more ease and fluidity. In short, we’re inspired to continue discovering and appreciating life.


Joy is one of the Qualities of the Heart which we’ve already touched upon. As we mentioned, by choosing to experience authentic and unconditional joy, we open ourselves up to invaluable wealth.

It can show up as a warm gentle blanket, loving and enveloping, or like fireworks. It instills a feeling of freedom, depth, and lightness within us, creating a spark of harmony and vitality. Our life, therefore, fills itself with a multitude of wonderfully enriching moments and fun experiences!


Very often, appreciation is experienced conditionally… when an event occurs, or we receive a gift, a service, or anything that comes from a source external to us. We also explored it a few months ago as a Quality of the Heart.

However, if we choose to introduce the vibration of appreciation for absolutely EVERYTHING that happens in our life, such as it is right now, with what we interpret as positive or negative, we push the doors to the Universe’s buffet wide open to therefore welcome more and more of what makes us vibrate!


In a few short words, here is the essence of Wonder in all its glory!

We know that consciousness precedes our choices… but there isn’t anything quite like having a concrete experience to truly feel the power within us and in our lives, to integrate these new choices in our daily lives.

We’d like to propose an integration exercise for Wonder… what would you say?



Every day, or a few times a week, we invite you to have fun with the Prosperity Sphere’s second quality of the heart, Wonder!

Did you know that Wonder, experienced with sincerity and that’s FELT in the heart and body is a precursor to increased prosperity? Interesting isn’t it!

So to assist you in familiarizing yourself with Wonder, we invite you to choose one of these four components (admiration, surprise, joy, or appreciation) whichever one is easiest for you to access and explore it during the day.

You can pick your topics ahead of time, based on your current experiences, such as:

    • Nature
    • A baby
    • A child
    • The human body
    • Technology
    • Music
    • Architecture
    • Science
    • Planets
    • Or any other topic


Once you’ve chosen your topic, we invite you to keep it top of mind throughout the day and explore it through either:

    • Admiration
    • Surprise
    • Joy
    • Appreciation


And, at the end of the day, we invite you to take a moment to honor your experience and FEEL the element you chose as well as Wonder.

This simple exercise is so powerful, as it will assist you in connecting more and more with the heart’s wisdom and intelligence, to harmonize the head and the heart as well as open you up to multiple resources, to welcome increased prosperity and as such, appreciate your human experience at its highest potential.


Wonder experienced through neutrality has the power to metamorphosize your life, not only through concrete manifestations but also through your heart’s daily feeling and intuition!


And as you surely know by now, you’re always welcome to join the Facebook group “Return to the Essence of the Ultimate Lifestyle” to share your experiences. It’s always with so much profound joy that we read your comments.

In addition, many experiences related to each Heart Quality are offered free of charge within the basic membership of Golden Heart Wisdom.

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Let’s welcome Wonder and Awe!
Sylvie & Bernard xoxo

1 thought on “Wonder & Awe: reality or utopia?”

  1. Malene Russell

    I am embracing Joy wonder and appreciation in my life as I look forward to new beginnings that have surprised me in the abundance of happenings that are taking place. At times I have become emotional but in a good way as tears of peaceful contented tears leak out my eyes unexpectedly. I am fortunate that my dear husband, friend and lover is joining me in welcoming these experiences although he is not part of golden heart wisdom. As I write this I become emotional with gratitude. Many experiences have filled me with wonder and awe in the last few weeks and have continued. Maybe I have opened my eyes and heart more to appreciate what is around. The delightful taste and texture of passionfruit, the smoothness of the avocado are simple examples. Coming from winter to a more tropical climate has heightened the experiences.
    I am feeling joy and delight as I renew acquaintances with friends and wonder as I get in touch with others who I have not seen for years who are part of my childhood. I am embracing the changes in my life while having the chance to relax, be active, and love the life I have. I am truly grateful for this happy and contented stage of my life that has presented so many exciting opportunities.

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