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Care: Power or Weakness?

We now present the Prosperity Sphere’s 3rd Quality of the Heart, the last, but not the least of the 9 Qualities of the Heart of the Plenitude EffectCare!

Care, within our society is often perceived as being “too nice,” that is, weakness and being taken advantage of. But if things were different, if true Care from the heart was the source of great inner power… would you offer it a chance to unveil itself to you?

Let’s take a closer look… it’s true that when a person is “too” good, they often get taken advantage of, right? We take advantage of their time, energy, resources, in short, everything! The main thing to pay attention to here is the word “too” as in “over caring”.

Care experienced in Neutrality is fully inhabiting one’s space, honoring oneself, being gentle and kind with oneself… without, however, falling into complacency! It is, by no means, a way out of feeling or coping with all the situations that life presents to us… but rather a way to welcome them with grace.

To bring about more clarity, what would you say to address the various components of Care, one at a time:

        1. Fully inhabiting one’s space;
        2. Honoring oneself;
        3. Being gentle with oneself;
        4. Being tender with oneself.


1. Fully inhabiting one’s space

But what does it mean to “fully inhabit one’s space,” Sylvie? This is a question I often hear. And my answer is always quite simple… it means freeing ourselves of the attachments we created over time with people we love (or would like to see disappear from our lives) and the different material goods that have been with us for a long time, for example, our home, jewelry, family photos, or any other object that’s ‘near and dear to our heart’.

Phew, it seems like a lot, doesn’t it? And it truly is what frees us and allows us to live by fully inhabiting our space… no more, no less.

It doesn’t mean ‘taking our place’… can you feel the difference between inhabiting our space and taking our place?

Inhabiting our space is fluid, light, harmonious, natural… whereas to take our place, we have to make an effort and sometimes, push away certain people around us to avoid feeling overtaken.

When we fully inhabit our space, we’re whole and complete… We welcome Plenitude with clarity, fluidity, and lightness. We feel Peace and the Joy of living our experience, one day at a time.


2. Honoring oneself

This second component is intimately linked to the first… in the sense that when we honor ourselves, we automatically honor others. We free them of the links that keep us prisoners, believing that it’s love. Love ALWAYS offers complete and utter freedom… for ourselves and others.

When we believe that others need us to take care of them, and méa culpa… for the longest time, I was trapped in this belief, and it can be so heavy! I wasn’t conscious that by taking care of others, I was removing their privilege to make their own choices and also, to honor themselves by taking inspired actions.

Unconsciously, of course, I would position myself above them, believing I was stronger, that I could pile more upon my shoulders than others… ahhh! How arrogant was I to think myself superior, right? I was a bit like an Inn that always had rooms available, even if it wasn’t the case… I always said YES and in doing so, I wasn’t honoring myself as a unique being AND I wasn’t honoring others in their own unicity either.

Whereas by honoring myself and freeing the links with all those I kept in my environment, I started feeling lightness and fluidity.

Honoring oneself is to therefore fully live and completely appreciate the human experience… mine, as it is… that of Humanity, as it currently stands, knowing full well that WHAT IS currently being manifested is the highest opportunity for expansion for all! I don’t have to change anyone at all to correspond to “my” well-being criteria!


3. Being gentle with oneself

Gentleness… scary word, right? It often represents weakness or complacency within our society. So what if gentleness was synonymous with great inner power? Welcoming and embracing gentleness towards oneself means having Compassion for ourselves during our journey.

During my childhood, I was often told that I was as gentle as a lamb… but it was said in a judgmental, condescending manner, implying that I was overly sensitive! So, what do you think I did? I tried as hard as I could to toughen up to be part of the ‘gang’. But the harder I tried, the less I recognized myself and the more I suffered until I welcomed the true nature of gentleness which represents the fluidity with which love flows through me, for me, and for Humanity. And then, I recognized the actual power of gentleness which can accomplish what we might consider to be miracles.

When I meet people either physically or virtually… I immediately connect with their heart. I see all the beauty that resides there! I then see the layers of protection… I can welcome them with gentleness, just as I did for myself.

And at the same time, there’s firmness/solidity in gentleness… it doesn’t mean being a victim to those who only want to express their pain by judging and controlling.

It’s actually quite the opposite… this gentleness that flows through us offers us the power and firmness to honor ourselves all the while inhabiting our space with grace and fluidity.


4. Being tender with oneself

Gentleness and tenderness may seem synonymous, but there’s a distinction in their essence. Gentleness fluidly flows within us, and tenderness is the concrete manifestation of this gentleness.

Tenderness allows us to concretely choose to free the links of attachment all the while experiencing a feeling of Plenitude. Tenderness invites us to recognize that we’re never alone, without needing an external source to fill ourselves up.

It unites the other three components by maintaining cohesion between them and making them visible in our everyday lives.

It also offers us clarity of vision about our thoughts and behaviors… and invites authenticity and integrity of the heart, beyond what the mind/ego can lead us to believe. This tenderness is gentle, loving, and honors us in our journey.  But oh, how precise it is in the decoding! It doesn’t let anything slip, despite how badly the mind may want to be right! There’s that small voice of the heart that guides us with justice… towards true Care!


Just before we complete, I’d like to invite you to an exercise to open and deepen your consciousness regarding Care:


To assist you in seeing more clearly, I’d like to propose a short, very simple and powerful exercise. After reading the components of Care and giving a few concrete examples, where do you position yourself in regard to Care? Do you experience it in attachment or freedom… is it heavy or light?


Freedom Scale

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Without thinking, what’s the first number that presents itself to you?



From 1 to 5: Perhaps, without even realizing it, you take charge of the people around you and stay attached through links that burden your life.

What would you say to create a tally and recognize the impact of all these links? Afterward, should you choose to, you could free yourself and your loved ones, one at a time, and then, start honoring yourself.

From 6 to 8: You have a certain degree of lightness, however you continue to be “attached” to those closest to you or to precious objects. This state of being can be deceitful because since you have access to more lightness, you’re able to continue offering your resources in terms of time, energy, and money and still feel that you’re comfortable and free.

If you find yourself in this state of being and would like to, I invite you to be kind and gentle towards yourself and start inhabiting your space more and more, all the while honoring yourself and others.

From 9 to 10: You surely breathe with fluidity and your life is light. You inhabit your space and honor yourself… and you’re gentle and kind towards yourself and others.

Given that there’s always space for expansion, I invite you to continue your journey by welcoming more and more Care into your life as well as all the other Qualities of the Heart: Love, Joy, and Peace – Appreciation, Courage, and Lightness – Compassion and Wonder.

In doing so, you’ll experience your Ultimate Lifestyle more and more in Plenitude as you offer to those around you as well as the rest of Humanity, the choice to take the journey from the head to the heart!


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Let’s celebrate Care!
Sylvie & Bernard xoxo

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