A concrete example of the impact of judgment and compassion in our lives.


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Now that you’re more conscious of the illusory influence that judgment has in your life; and how compassion offers lightness, simplicity and fluidity; I invite you to dive into the heart of duality’s essence, in order to truly understand its traps and then dive into the heart of Neutrality and experience total freedom.

It’s something that can seem subtle at first… and as long as we remain unaware of its effects on our lives, we don’t quite grasp the difference…or, we may choose to accept that this is life and that we have no other option than to live with the consequences of duality. However the depth of experience that comes from duality as well as neutrality and all of the associated ramifications in our lives is very real and tangible. It is absolutely possible to remain in a state of neutrality and welcome a life that is so enriching, prosperous and fun. We only need to be conscious, make different choices and be willing to open up and receive ideas that go beyond mass consciousness.

I’ll use an example, which I’ve often used during workshops and retreats and I’ll go even deeper into the different tones and nuances of a slice of life between a woman and a young man.

The tones and nuances that I refer to represent the different vibrational frequencies created by thoughts and emotions experienced by our two characters. ☺

Slice of life experienced in duality

Take the example of a single mom who’s driving her kids to daycare in the morning, pre-occupied and stressed out by all of life’s demands as well as everything she has to do in the day, both at home and at work. Constantly judging herself for everything that isn’t quite up to her standards and expectations or those of society…therefore activating the mental archives, which are actually beliefs that she’s accepted; whether consciously or not, as well as the crystallized emotions that formed within her because of everything she’s held back in order to fit in with society’s expectations. In so doing, the vibration of self-judgment, discouragement, powerlessness and even anger, pulls in a downward spiral creating limiting experiences, contractions obstacles and difficulties.

On the other hand, you have the young man, also stressed out by his lifestyle, his uncertainties and unanswered questions, using speed to satisfy his need for adrenaline and to counter his frustrations and feelings of revolt, always omnipresent. On his end, he is also judging himself harshly…even if he doesn’t openly share it. He is regularly told by his loved ones or by society that he’ll never amount to anything, that he’s irresponsible; therefore he doesn’t deserve the success he so desires. His thoughts create emotions within him that he tries to repress, unsuccessfully, which explains his need to escape, through speed for example. There are obviously other methods to blow off steam, such as drugs and alcohol.

So, one morning, they’re both on the road, in two different areas, without necessarily knowing each other, both feeling the weight of the stress caused by their daily self inflicted judgment that’s getting heavier and heavier…and then, at a certain moment, their paths cross and their cars collide.

What’s the first reaction most people have? They see the woman as the victim and the young man as an irresponsible speedster, right? And yet, vibrationally, they met during an energetic rendezvous… when it comes to duality/polarity, molecules vibrating at the same frequency will always inevitably meet. So when these two beings found themselves on the road at the same time, emitting similar vibrational frequencies, they met, through a collision, which was also vibrating at a similar frequency. It’s what I call an energetic rendezvous!!!

Woman’s vibrational frequency (anger, discouragement, I’m not good enough)


Young man’s vibrational frequency (I’m not good enough, frustration, revolt)


Collision’s vibrational frequency

Well now! That isn’t exactly ideal, now is it? Know that when we vibrate at a certain frequency of polarity/duality, we’re under the influence of the Law of Attraction and invariably, we waltz between positive and negative. Judgment is rooted in duality… ☺

Another path is available to you

I’d now like to propose a different path… an approach of neutrality that comes from a connection to the heart! In this neutrality, we literally transcend polarity and access the true nature of our own Essence.

How you ask? Well, for starters, it’s crucial that you recognize where you’re at…and fully embrace it by allowing yourself to feel the various emotions that surface, and, especially, to BREATHE through each of the different sensations.

Take for example an iceberg; the majority of its surface lies beneath the water, not visible, however very much there; with only a small percentage of it actually above water, visible to all.

Living in duality is like trying to push with all your might on the non visible part, which we consider to be negative, trying so hard to convince ourselves that it doesn’t influence our life…this is created by beliefs, thought patterns and learned survival behaviors as well as crystallized emotions. So, even if we try to deny them, push them away or avoid them, they’ll always be there and will always impact every part of our lives. We’ll have to work hard to stay above the surface, which is the positive, and make sure everything’s in place to survive in a world of constant comparison and competition. This lifestyle exists, of course…but it’s absolutely exhausting!

On the other hand, living in Neutrality is to embrace EVERYTHING that is, without judging an experience as being positive or negative…it’s about diving into the heart of living, both in the visible and non-visible parts. It’s living with the curiosity and amazement of a child, all the while having the maturity and full consciousness of an adult. It’s about opening ourselves up to a life of total freedom, lightness, simplicity, fluidity and abundance in absolutely all areas of our life. What’s required to live the Ultimate Lifestyle? The courage and willingness to dive into the unknown…to experiment, see, feel, and hear new ideas…and to put them into practice in order to finally experience them ourselves and integrate them into our daily lives.

That’s what is not only possible and available…but accessible to all!

And it’s from this space of neutrality that we access true compassion.

Slice of life experienced in true neutrality

So, as in the previous example, the woman could very well have the same type of experience but without judging herself… by being totally open and compassionate with herself. Which would produce experiences vibrating at higher and higher vibrational frequencies…metamorphosing her lifestyle and offering her different choices through opportunities in freedom, lightness, simplicity and fluidity in all spheres of her life.

Same thing for the young man…regardless of regularly hearing judgments concerning his future and capabilities, by diving into the pure neutrality of his heart, he would access compassion for himself…he would be much more peaceful and harmonious…and he wouldn’t need to use speed as an escape from all of the daily pressures.

In this space of neutrality, we no longer talk about energetic rendezvous’ created by the Law of Attraction, but rather of embracing all of the resources that the Universe puts at our disposition, in total neutrality.

You can now see how experiences made in neutrality always bring us towards more fluid, harmonious, light and abundant experiences…for it is the very nature of the Universe and we open ourselves up to receiving absolutely EVERYTHING.

My wish for you is that you embrace EVERYTHING that’s available to you…all of the wonderful gifts and treasures that the Universe puts at your disposition. Living in neutrality is the key to accessing it!

It would bring me great joy to read about your experiences with compassion…whether it be through our Facebook page or our blog!!!

Happy embracing!
Sylvie Olivier

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