In order to fully benefit from this article, I invite you to read the first of this three part series called ‘The Impact of Judgment on our Lives’’ prior to reading this one.


So what exactly is compassion? We hear all sorts of different definitions, including those provided by various dictionaries. There exists so many different definitions, meanings and perceptions relating to compassion…

I’d like to propose compassion as experienced through heart neutrality for the benefit of being on the same wavelength for this article!

Here’s the proposed definition:

Compassion is Love in Action!

That’s what I mean when I talk about compassion… compassion is neutral and pities no one. If I have pity for someone, then I’m automatically placing myself above the other person…whereas if I experience compassion as love in action, I’m fully conscious that the other person is living a difficult situation and that they’re stuck and limited…but I can also see their Essence that lives far beyond all of the difficulties and perceived limitations… I have the profound certitude that all resources are available to this person. So, I place myself by their side…not trying to carry them on my shoulders or carry them on my back! I offer them my assistance, with the total freedom to choose their own experience. And more importantly…I never judge! No matter what choice they make, it is the best opportunity for their expansion…Plain and simple!

Compassion felt from the heart guides us and assists us in offering total freedom to have the experience that is highest in potential for expansion, for everyone. So, if we pity someone and try to position ourselves to save them from any suffering, it’s the equivalent to tying our children’s shoes, without ever giving them the opportunity to try it for themselves.

Let’s be clear here…I’m not talking about being insensitive! Of course we feel love through this compassion we offer and we can guide and assist people who are living difficult situations…but without feeling or taking on their suffering. By staying neutral and compassionate, our vibrational frequency remains high and we’re therefore able to assist others, through the Quality of our Presence alone…or with a smile, a kind word or a simple gesture.

Compassion expressed through neutrality combined with a smile, a kind word or a simple gesture with our Quality of Presence will lift the veil off of the resources that are already available to this person… suddenly, they’ll raise their eyes and have the vision to see and the ears to hear… and especially, enough love for themselves to embrace them all!


I’d now like to talk about something that’s near and dear to my heart… compassion for oneself…or what I kindly call…self-compassion! For starters, let’s explore self-judgment.

As you’re probably aware, self-judgment is very well engrained in our society! In fact, I’d say it’s almost fashionable… J There’s a general belief that the harder we are on ourselves, the better we’ll become, because we’ll have worked hard to better ourselves! Let’s just say that it’s a path that’s available, but isn’t necessarily the easiest or most fluid. Self-judgment considerably lowers our vibrational frequency and closes doors to opportunities since energetic rendezvous’ are distorted. They always propose a path of duality and polarity. We obviously all want positive in our lives, however we either forget or are unaware that the negative will always also be present since they form both sides to the same medal.

I’d like to therefore invite you to shed light on all areas of your life: health – relationships or singlehood – family – finances – travel – hobbies.

Afterwards, I invite you to bring each of them, one after the other, to consciousness and to feel their vibration in your body, mainly at the level of your solar plexus and heart. Do you feel the contraction, the judgment or the fears? If so, simply embrace them and breathe deeply a number of times into the sensations.

I’d also like to invite you to write what you feel regarding each of these different areas of your life…write about all of the contraction, the suffering and what it is you’re ready to let go of… stop holding on completely. Remember to breathe during this writing exercise.

Once you’ve completed your list, I invite you to create a safe environment in order to do a fire ceremony…reread your list out loud and everything listed on your sheet of paper, and then, burn it. Breathe deeply during the exercise.

Afterwards, it’ll be much easier to feel connected to the heart, which will allow you to live the experience of true compassion…perhaps you’ll feel tingling, heat or a feeling of intense well-being in your heart…or deeper breathing, allowing your body to open itself up more and more to lightness and fluidity.

After this exercise, you’ll start to become more aware of the moments where you used to judge yourself and create contractions in your body…you’ll be able to catch yourself in the act and breathe…while freeing yourself from the infamous judgment that can be so sly.

That’s how compassion is experienced through heart neutrality! Here’s the definition I’d like to propose once again:

Compassion is Love in Action!

What do you say? Are you ready and open to say YES to yourself?

It would bring me great joy to read about your experiences with compassion…whether it is through our Facebook page or our blog!!!

Stay tuned for the next article entitled “Living in Duality vs. Living in Neutrality’’.

Sylvie xoxo

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