L'impact du jugement dans notre vie

Perhaps, if we were conscious of the repercussions of self-inflicted judgment as well as that of others, we’d make different choices?

Judgment will almost always cause the body’s vibrational frequency to instantly lower. How does this lowered vibrational frequency translate into our lives? Most definitely, a life lived without experiencing its full potential as well as innumerable obstacles and all sorts of contractions…in all spheres of life.

Whether it’s in terms of the body’s vitality, mental acuity, harmonious relationships…regardless, everything get impacted…including finances!

Let’s take a closer look at judgment…what does it mean, exactly, to judge? Regardless of whether the judgment is positive or negative, it originates the mental archives located at the base of our skull and are comprised of belief systems, opinions, behavioral models and thought patterns that were passed on to us during our mother’s third trimester of pregnancy and continued to grow with time.

So, prior to even coming into this world, we’d already begun forming beliefs about our survival, how we would compare, evaluate and judge in order to be loved and appreciated. So, it’s not very surprising to see just how ingrained judgment is on the human psyche. Our mothers did the best they could with the means they had and what they knew during their pregnancies…so we honor their paths and experiences. However, we now have the opportunity to modify our quality of presence, by modifying our thoughts and behaviors.

Science has now proven what ancient cultures have always known…living from heart neutrality offers countless advantages in every sphere of our lives. So, what if instead of weighing the positive and negative, we began opening ourselves up to appreciating life as it is? If we saw that our neighbor, colleague, family member or even a stranger’s behavior is merely a result of their own mental archives…wouldn’t life be so much more harmonious and happy for us?

How can we possibly judge someone else’s mental archives when we haven’t lived their life experience? What if instead, we were to breathe and greet people just as they are…without trying to change them…but rather offering compassion, even when their behavior seems inadequate? And beyond that…consider even self-judgment and how harsh and pitiless it can be! We can be so hard on ourselves, so often, oblivious to the limiting effect of judgment on our lives and just how low our vibrational frequency goes when we’re in self-judgment…and yes…you’ll notice more and more examples of it…how that promotion at work went to someone else, how limited our financial situation is, how our relationships are often difficult and tense, all of those physical aches and pains…that eventually become disease. When we allow self-judgment or the judgment of others to lower our vibrational frequency, we shut the doors to the very resources that are ready to open themselves up to us, along with fluidity, lightness, ease, and clarity!

You’ve surely heard of the Law of Attraction, and perhaps, you use this technique to try and make things happen in your life… know that when you visualize all the positive, beautiful things you’d like to see happen in your life, you’re using the two hemispheres of the brain and their polarity …what you might not know though is that by trying to attract the positive…you’ll also receive the equivalent negative side to all that you attract!!! Obviously, this isn’t what I’m talking about here…I’m talking about opening and welcoming in total neutrality. Indeed, by opening yourself up to receiving, through your heart; all of the resources that the Universe has to offer you, you’ll remain in heart neutrality and your life will be so much simpler, fluid and in constant expansion! I know how difficult it can seem to let go of your dreams, your expectations, and specific goals…however, the energy required to keep them alive is so draining that it too lowers your vibrational frequency. The Universe, of which we’re all unique facets of as co-creators, knows the opportunities that are highest in potential for our expansion…so why not hand over the commands?

So what do you say? Are you ready to free yourself of judgment and automatically raise your vibrational frequency? Are you ready to let go of all the goals and objectives that you’ve set out to work really hard to achieve? By saying YES and freeing yourself of these heavy, low vibrational, archaic structures, all sorts of opportunities will present themselves to you and your life will become much more fluid, abundant and enjoyable!!!

Stay tuned…my next article called ‘’The true nature of compassion’’ will offer concrete tools to assist you in putting into practice this life of expansion and fluidity.

I wish you a life free of judgments…and as a result, a life of exponential abundance through the Return to the Essence of the Ultimate Lifestyle!

Sylvie xoxo

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