A mosaic of high vibrations!!

What is the Instagram #PlenitudeEffect Project?

#PlenitudeEffect is a light, simple, and fun project!

It’s an invitation to co-create, with us, a magnificent mosaic of Pure Love and Plenitude!

The essence of the project is to experience, emanate and share the qualities of the heart, namely love, joy, peace, appreciation, courage, lightness, compassion, wonder and care throughout the planet, to assist Humanity in its Return to the Essence of who it truly is.

How to participate?

Each week, we’ll share a few of your pics with our subscribers on the official @goldenheartwisdom account to create a magnificent and vibrant mosaic of Pure Love and Plenitude!

You’re invited, when your heart whispers it, to share pictures that for you – inspire, express and vibrate one or more of these qualities of the heart. For example, it can be a landscape picture, an animal, a creation, a place, an activity, an event, a certain moment in time or people you like and who assist you in connecting with the qualities of the heart.

You can simply share your pics on Instagram, along with the #EffetPlenitude or #PlenitudeEffect Hashtag.

Details and rules

The #PlenitudeEffect project is a Golden Heart Wisdom Initiative. This project was co- created in the spirit and compliance of Instagram’s terms of use available at https://help.instagram.com/581066165581870.

By adding the #PlenitudeEffect or #EffetPlenitude, Hashtag, created by Golden Heart Wisdom in light of this project, to a photo published on Instagram, users expressly agree that this photo may be shared by @goldenheartwisdom‘s official account with its subscribers and they waive any compensation or consideration in exchange. Credit will systematically be given to the authors of the photographs that get shared. These photographs will not be retouched or reproduced outside of Instagram. Golden Heart Wisdom reserves the right to modify the legend of photographs published with the hashtag #EffetPlenitude or #PlenitudeEffect for the sake of context.

Any disputes related to the sharing of a photo by @goldenheartwisdom‘s official account may be reported on the Instagram platform via private messaging or via email atinfo@goldenheartwisdom.com. The publication involved will immediately be deleted.

Golden Heart Wisdom
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