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As Kim D’Eramo’s mentors, Sylvie & Bernard have been invited to assist participants of the Global Expansion Summit which was created by Kim.

Here’s why Kim wanted them present for this event:

“Sylvie has been one of my greatest mentors and working with her has made the biggest difference of anything I have done.

Bernard is a powerful and loving energy healer. When he put his hands on me, I would feel pain immediately leaving my body. When I would look into his eyes, I would literally feel old energies of fear transmuting.

They are both incredibly beautiful and powerful beings, and will add an even deeper dimension to what we are stepping into through this summit.”

NOV. 14th-17th | ARIZONA
Exclusive Luxury Business Retreat for Established Wellness Leaders creating new modalities that go beyond conventional thinking.
If you’d like to join us, click on the following link: Dr Kim D’Eramo Summit
We’re very excited for Sylvie and Bernard!
The Golden Heart Wisdom Team

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