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The journey from the head to the heart, much like the return to the Essence of the Ultimate Lifestyle, is such an amazing experience, filled with surprises and is unique to each individual.

Below, we invite you to explore the magnificent journeys and concrete manifestations of clients who have kindly agreed to share their experiences with you.

Cycle of Creation in Action interviews

Also available on goldenheartwisdom.tv as a webseries.

Hosted by Sylvie Olivier, founder of Golden Heart Wisdom, the Cycle of Creation in Action webseries showcases the unique journeys of entrepreneurs who have chosen to make the journey from head to heart. Through each episode, discover how connecting to the heart has concretely changed their lives, as well as the projects that have emerged from the Cycle of Creation in Action, a powerful tool offered by Golden Heart Wisdom.

Anna Kollberg

Live from Sweden and Founder of VoxAnna, we invite you to discover Anna Kollberg’s journey!

When she first began her journey, she was paralysed with fear and therefore preferred to hide away in the shadows. Today, she shares her voice with Humanity through her lifetones and a brand new project Lifetones of the Flowers.

To learn more about Anna, her business, and projects, we invite you to visit voxanna.com.


Linktree:  https://linktr.ee/annavoxanna

Sandy Aubry

Discover the journey of Sandy Aubry, mother, wife, author, entrepreneur, founder of @RealLifeRealWomen.com

At the beginning of her journey, Sandy was in a constant struggle to prove her worth to others; a reality filled with hardship, power struggles and conflicts with the men and women who crossed her path… Today, she chooses to experience life through Gentleness & Softness, Vulnerability and the abundant Creativity that naturally vibrates within her Heart. She has just published her very first fiction novel entitled “The House of the Universe”.

To learn more about Sandy, her business and her new projects, please visit https://www.realliferealwomen.com/ 


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