Tuning in to the Source Code

$1,500.00 for 1 month

Prices in Canadian dollars. Taxes applicable.


3-day online retreat hosted by the Golden Heart Wisdom Center.

Date: October 23rd to 25th, 2023

Time: 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. daily Eastern Time

Location: On the Zoom platform

Registration: Open to all, members and non-members.

Registration will be open until October 21, 2023.


For full details, see the description below.




We are thrilled to offer you the opportunity to assist an online 3-day retreat  to explore and harness the power of “Syntonizing the Source Code.”

During this retreat, we’ll assist you in connecting and feeling the frequency of your vibrational signal and refining your feeling when it oscillates between feelings of heaviness, limitations, expectations, anger as well as fear AND those of lightness, welcoming, peace and Plenitude, to name a few.

We’ll offer you brand-new, never-before-shared tools to deepen your awareness of your life’s activities and how you can master your state of being to embrace everyday life with fluidity, lightness and the joy of living.

Once you’re able to feel changes in your frequency AND make new choices in the here and now, your vibrational signal will become clearer. You’ll be more and more in touch with your heart, allowing the Qualities of the Heart to emanate, which vibrate at a very high frequency.

By harmonizing heart and brain, we’ll guide you as you interact with the master cell by reactivating its connection to your heart, which in return will influence your DNA by cleansing it of archaic patterns and belief systems still at work unbeknownst to you.

Can you FEEL right now – as you read this – how your whole life can change with grace and ease? Whether it’s with yourself, your life partner, your family, friends and colleagues… Whether it’s in all your personal and professional endeavors, whatever your area of life… learning to live your daily life with Clarity and Appreciation is the KEY to fully appreciating the human experience.

Let’s take a closer look at the name of the retreat: Syntonizing the Source Code.

Firstly, what does ” Syntonize ” mean? According to the Collins English language dictionary, the definition reads as follows:

SYNTONIZE: to render syntonic; to tune 2 circuits oscillating on the same frequency

As the definition mentions, syntonization is possible when 2 circuits oscillating on the same frequency are tuned.
Do you see where we’re going? Your vibrational signal and that of the source code? 🙂

Let’s turn our attention to the meaning of “Source Code” now. Here’s a translation of the french language definition.

SOURCE CODE: A set of original instructions for a program, written in a language readable by humans.

Oh WoW! When we connect to the power of our heart, we receive instructions that are simple to apply, making it ” readable ” or understandable language for humans! What’s important to consider is that the mind tries to complicate things, while the heart always simplifies them. The simplest Source Code to decode is therefore that of the heart! Isn’t that wonderful?

The 2 circuits to be syntonized are your unique vibrational signal + the Source Code.

Each day of the retreat, we’ll assist you in clarifying and harmonizing your unique vibrational signal and syntonize it to the Source Code, which is at the origin of your existence and accessible only through the heart and its technology.

The Source Code represents the essence of who we really are, where Harmony, Vitality, Prosperity and Abundance in all its forms are accessible at every moment. Depending on our vibrational signal, we have a unique tonality that can be seen, heard or felt by everyone, and which impacts every thought, feeling, action and project. We therefore co-create an abundance of prosperity or scarcity!

Most people try to syntonize their vibrational signal to what they see outside themselves and don’t yet have access to… such as flourishing health, a harmonious and fulfilling romantic relationship, a well-filled bank account, a dream home, the opportunity to travel often and to luxurious places and so on. However, what they don’t realize is that wanting to attract into their lives what is not yet present sends out a vibrational signal of lack. This is why so many people are dissatisfied, discouraged or frustrated…

I vividly remember thinking that if I let my personal preferences go, I’d have to sacrifice myself and my life would be boring and dull. Ahhh, what a mistake! Until we are aware of the power of our heart and how much it knows about us, we tend to rationalize and feel unfounded fears! It knows exactly what makes us tick. It brings so much joy, enthusiasm, passion and even exuberance with it, and quite naturally!

What we’re proposing is that you syntonize with the SOURCE of EVERYTHING that makes your heart sing… and access it with grace and ease! As you do so, you’ll become increasingly aware of the difference between “personal preferences” of the egoic structure and the “buffet of the Universe” connected to the inexhaustible resources of your heart.

There’s nothing more powerful in the world than our HEART… It’s up to us to become aware of it and syntonize with it!

So it’s a great honor for us to invite you to take part in this simple yet grandiose retreat!

Over the course of 3 days, you’ll have the opportunity to experience all of the above and more:

Multiple awareness of your vibrational signal’s tonality;
Vibrational harmony: when and how to access it efficiently;
Receive a toolbox of concrete tools never shared until now;
Tuning your vibrational signal to the Source Code;
Access to the inexhaustible treasures always available through your heart;
Concrete information on the technology of the heart in harmony with the brain;
Awareness of the unshakeable power of the Qualities of the Heart and their concrete action;
The difference between brainwaves stimulated by the heart and those used by the mind;
Connection to the master cell of consciousness;
Harmonizing Source Code frequencies with DNA;
And much, much more!

I could go on and on… and as each retreat is unique in itself and reveals itself moment by moment, we know full well that there are always “moments” that stand out from the planned content and create what Bernard calls, the magic of the Universe!

With Love and Peace
Sylvie & Bernard



October 23rd to 25th

from 1 pm to 5 pm each day


Registration will be open until October 21, 2023.


$1 500*

* Price in Canadian dollars. Applicable taxes based on your location.


Minimum of 5 participants


Zoom Platform

Should you have any questions about this online retreat, please contact us at info@goldenheartwisdom.com.

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