Online Workshop for Work teams


Price in Canadian dollars. Taxes applicable based on your location.


Online Mentorship offered by the Golden Heart Wisdom Center.

3-hour online workshop to assist you in harmonizing the Cycle of Creation within your work team.

For details, see the description below.


This workshop is intended for work teams wishing to integrate more clarity, fluidity, and lightness to their communications; to benefit from a more harmonious platform to co-create, to welcome expansion, and prosperity. 

As individuals, we’ve been programmed to react, in survival mode, to situations and people, often creating discomfort and even conflict. The intelligence and wisdom of the heart gently harmonize our states of being and guide us towards an appropriate response, instead of a vivid and intense emotional reaction as is often the case.

Very often, there is a clear dissonance between participants of a conversation, as each person sees through their own lenses, without even realizing it. This creates confusion, frustration as well as distortion in various projects. By harmonizing your respective states of being within the team, you’ll be able to communicate clearly and be on the same wavelength. In other words, you’ll speak the same language and about the same subject.

During this workshop, you’ll receive direct assistance and tools that will allow you to navigate with fluidity through the 4 quadrants of the Cycle of Creation in your projects, whether they are professional, personal, or familial.

In addition, you’ll receive an energetic harmonization for the team, while integrating the benefits on a personal level. You’ll also receive a recording of the workshop for future reference

The Cycle of Creation and its 4 quadrants

is a tool that reveals a project’s natural process, as well as its components (clarity, fluidity, and lightness, or confusion, contraction, and heaviness).

Regardless of the type of project ( professional, personal, or familial), we always start by receiving an inspiration (1st quadrant: Receive), then we decode and clarify it (2nd quadrant: Decode), and then we share this inspiration with those around us (3rd quadrant: Share), which is the manifestation of something, for example, the completion of a project or the beginning of a collaboration, etc (4th quadrant: Manifest). This cycle continues until the project is completed.

When each team member receives, decodes, and shares in their own way (with their own filters, patterns, mental archives, and crystallized emotions), the message becomes confused and the concrete manifestations suffer the consequences. It is then that projects become complicated, conflicts arise, unhealthy competition settles in at the expense of collaboration between colleagues, etc.

When harmony exists within the 4 quadrants and everyone is on the same wavelength, the quality of life within the team as well as the expansion potential of projects is greatly increased.

So, how about harmonizing the Cycle of Creation within your work team?

Atelier en ligne pour Équipe Golden Heart Wisdom

If this opportunity makes you vibrate and your team members are open to the experience, we would be honored to assist you in this wonderful adventure of being a team through heart intelligence!


One 3-hour meeting, online, with Sylvie & Bernard.

Tools and resources to navigate through the 4 quadrants of the Cycle of Creation for your projects.

(1) energetic harmonization for the team.

Video recording of the workshop for future reference.


Three-hour Workshop

from 9 am to 12 pm EST or from 1 pm to 4 pm EST

Number of participants

Between 2 and 6 persons (for optimal) results

Online workshop

via the Zoom platform


$1,000* for one workshop
$3,500* for 4 workshops

*Price in Canadian dollars. Taxes applicable based on your location.


When you register, in the page where you will enter your personal information, please indicate in the ORDER NOTES space located under the postal code, if you prefer the workshop in the morning (from 9 am to 12 pm EST) or in the afternoon (from 1 pm to 4 pm EST).

Once your registration is complete, we will contact you to propose a date or dates based on the option you have chosen.

If you have any questions about this workshop, we invite you to contact us at

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