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During the Ultimate Unveiling of the Divine Feminine retreat, we touched on many different themes such as tenderness and heart intimacy…not as experienced with the mental mind as we’ve become accustomed, constantly on the go; but rather experienced directly from the heart…authentically, freely and clearly!

These magnificent women shared how too often, they felt bullied by time and the frantic pace at which they lead their lives, constantly trying to get everything done on their checklist to achieve their respective goals and be prosperous.

During the retreat, we assisted them in seeing with clarity how all resources are already available to them… they simply had to make themselves accessible to them! We’d now like to take this opportunity to share one of the tools we offered them to assist them in freeing themselves from the frantic daily grind and enjoy the splendor that is the human experience.

This leads me to share the experience of this new 9-year cycle that began last January 1st… the planetary vibration increased considerably; shedding light on absolutely EVERYTHING that was lurking in the shadows of the subconscious and forcing them to come to light so that they could be released from the emotional, mental and physical bodies.

This is a very destabilizing time that can be difficult if unaware. It’s that moment in time where the pain is vivid and persistent…until the abscess is punctured…or, for those of you who’ve given birth…that feeling just before delivery when the contractions are so intense that you wonder if you’ll even make it…until finally, you give birth! What an incredible moment of profound joy after such a difficult moment!!!

In order to offer you tangible tools to facilitate your experience, I’d like to propose the following exercise which I’ve called Appreciation of the Human Experience through the Essence of the Senses and which the participants experienced during the retreat! And of course, this is also available to men!!!

Exercise: Appreciating the Human Experience through the Essence of the Senses

Take a moment to connect to your heart by applying your hand over it… breathe deeply…inhale and receive Pure Love from the Universe…exhale all of your worries and cares of the day, crystallized emotions and memories…you have nothing more to do than to let go…your conscious breath is enough to begin the dissolution. Now, continue this breathing practice by placing your other hand over your belly and make sure it swells as you inhale. Inhale and exhale…without forcing anything…let yourself sway to the beat of your breath, like a wave upon the shore.

Allow all thoughts and emotions to surface…continue your breathing by being aware that these thoughts and emotions are not who you are…rather, they are part of a structure of survival behavior. Offer yourself true compassion and tenderness…and yes…you too gentlemen!

Then, open your eyes and observe the vibrant, brilliant colors and their many shades…pay close attention to the sounds around you…caress your arms, your face and your hair…smell the different fragrances surrounding you and taste the various flavors of life…as much with your taste buds as with the consciousness of living the miracle of Life!

You are an Essence living in a physical body that allows you to appreciate the human experience and its splendor…through your senses…through the Essence of the Senses! It’s so amazing to look with the eyes of the heart, to hear the voice of your heart; to touch with your hands that are an extension of your heart; to smell the exotic perfumes that nature so generously offers, and to savor and relish all the food that is so benevolently provided each day.



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An invitation to LIVE fully!!!

I invite you to live fully…and to stop struggling in the old energy of survival. That energy is unraveling itself as we speak…which is causing great fear and disharmony in the general population…but YOU, you can open yourself up to this new consciousness…to this Appreciation of the Human Experience beyond anything you’ve ever known until now. You have the choice, right now, to open yourself up to abundance, beauty and harmony, lightness and fluidity as well as tenderness and heart intimacy.

As I write you these words, my heart is vibrating from a Love so Pure…

Happy breathing…and especially, I wish you an exquisite Appreciation of your Human Experience! It’s so beautiful!

Sylvie xoxo

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