Après le Chaos... l'Expansion!

As human beings, we’ve learned to stay away from unpleasant sensations. Because we’re creatures of habit and we don’t like change, we desperately flee any kind of chaos so as not to feel it. However, the quickest way to let chaos dissolve itself is to fully embrace it! Welcoming chaos means taking the time to truly feel the emotions stuck within us, by breathing. By doing so, we’re preparing ourselves for the next cycle of expansion which represents abundance in all its forms: more love, more opportunities, more lightness, more freedom, and more money!

So, by embracing the sensations caused by chaos, we open up our horizons to expansion. Given that expansion represents the unknown and that we have a tendency of fearing what we don’t know and can’t control, we tend to resist change. Fear then stops us from feeling the sensations caused by chaos therefore confining us within the latter much longer than actually necessary.

Recognizing chaos and breathing deeply to dissove crystallized emotions is the first step towards expansion. By integrating this new way of reacting to chaos, it’ll become more and more fluid and easy for you to welcome opportunities for expansion, free of any judgment.

So, our question to you is…how do you welcome chaos in your life?

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