The vibrational signal is, amongst other things, what connects matter to the invisible, or if you prefer, science to consciousness.

Given that absolutely EVERYTHING is made of vibrations, whether it be concrete matter (our bodies) or invisible elements ( an inspiration or idea that we just received), the vibrational signal acts as a radio frequency that connects elements together (visible and invisible) and that vibrate at the same frequency.

As such, by becoming aware of our vibrational signal (invisible), we’re in a position to change its frequency and as such change concrete elements (visible) that comprise our daily lives.

We therefore become conscious co-creators rather than simple victims of external conditions.

Are you ready to become a conscious co-creator, discover your vibrational signal and modify it to experience a life filled with Clarity, Fluidity, Lightness, and Abundance in all its forms?

We invite you to explore the resources below to assist you with this wondrous adventure!

For starters, we invite you to begin by watching this interview with Sylvie Olivier & Sandy Aubry as they explore together the impact of our vibrational signal.


Through this trio of resources, you’ll find a QUIZ to become conscious of your vibrational signal and the energetic playground in which you currently find yourself, a complete GUIDE that explains what the vibrational signal is and how to modify it, as well as a VIDEO to deepen your experience and comprehension.

To learn more about the vibrational signal, we invite you to take the Quiz, download the Guide and view the Video found below. 

Should you have questions concerning these resources, we invite you to write to us at

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