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So many people feel stressed, stuck and limited in various spheres of their lives (love life, family life, professional life, finances, health, etc.), while others are more comfortable because, on the outside, they’ve succeeded in building a life that corresponds to what they believe society expects of them … all the while feeling that something’s missing, without quite knowing how to welcome more.

And yet still, others have abundance in pretty much all spheres of their lives … and yet, they’re worried! Indeed, fear nags at them regularly and keeps them awake at night wondering, “What if situation ” X ” occurs and I lose everything?”

No matter what situation you find yourself in, know that it’s quite possible to free oneself from learned beliefs and behavioural patterns as well as any emotions that have crystallized in the body.

Living life fully in Neutrality consciousness will allow you to experience life with fluidity, harmony, simplicity, and efficiency so that you can welcome all the resources that are already available to you.


You’re now faced with a major choice in your life: to dive in to an ocean of expansion OR continue with the status quo.

This choice belongs to each of YOU … our dearest wish for you is that you choose to take the plunge! Dive into the unknown… absolutely!

However, what you believe to be “unknown” is merely a perception created by the mind preventing you from experiencing life in all its splendor and welcoming abundance in all its forms!

That’s why, through these online programs and events, we offer new approaches to change your entire life, including financial, professional, love, family, health, and more. We’ll gently assist you in this transition from the old duality paradigm that’s rooted in the mental mind’s judgment and move towards welcoming a new paradigm of Neutrality that’s rooted in the heart and compassion.

We address past beliefs that were passed on from one generation to another, we go to the heart of thought patterns and behaviours that maintain the majority of the population in spheres of limitations. We assist you in dissolving the patterns and layers of protection that prevent you from receiving this abundance, which is your birthright; or to stop holding on to the fear of losing everything!

Our online programs and events give you access to online resources from the comfort of your own home or anywhere on the planet with Internet access, as well as direct assistance from Sylvie and Bernard during the group calls and the remote Energetic Harmonizations**. The format of the various online resources varies according to the program and event (i.e. video, audio, Facebook Live, PDF, meditation, activation, reading, etc.)

Are you ready to free yourself from the limitations that you were taught and welcome the Return to the Essence of the Ultimate Lifestyle with grace and ease?

Here an audio excerpt from group calls of  the “What if money was your best friend… how would you treat it?” Program.

In addition, when you purchase an online event or program, you’re automatically invited to join us for a coffee (or tea) in the company of Sylvie & Bernard during the “At the Heart of Neutrality Virtual Café” events and have the opportunity to ask your questions. To learn more, Click HERE.


online program Money and the Plenitude Effect

Online 6-Month Group Program

(April to September 2019)

Perhaps you can feel the emergence of a new energy in our world…one that speaks to those ready to embrace a lifestyle based on plenitude, authenticity, integrity, freedom, openness and abundance in all its forms… and to harmonize your financial life with the energy of the Plenitude Effect at its highest expression.

This  6-month online program will begin in April! It will combine the power of the “What if Money was Your Best Friend… How Would You Treat it” program and the profound peaceful intensity of the Plenitude Effect.

Throughout this program, we’ll assist you in diving into the heart of the Plenitude Effect and as such, co-create concrete manifestations in all spheres of your life, specifically abundance and prosperity!

We feel so honored and filled with joy in inviting you to participate in an experience and share the Qualities of the Heart experienced through the Plenitude Effect!

Can you feel the power of a Worldwide group of Women who, in their hearts, want to sow and spread love, peace, joy… appreciation, lightness, courage… as well as wonder, care and compassion!?!

I invite you to view the video for more information and to connect with the essence of this invitation… a meetup platform in the form of a Facebook group for 1000 women worldwide – anglophone and francophone – to explore, express and expose to Humanity the immeasurable power of the heart!

Online Events “Heart Neutrality Celebration”

As a Facebook Live format, these online events take place in our Facebook group “Return to the Essence of the Ultimate Lifestyle”. During these events, Sylvie & Bernard are present with you live to assist in celebrating the completion of the previous trimester in total neutrality. You’ll therefore have the opportunity to share, in writing in the comments section of the live, the different themes that you’re ready to dissolve and complete for that trimester, Please note that in order to assist as many people as possible, this format doesn’t allow Sylvie & Bernard to answer questions. These events are bilingual (English & French) and welcome the entire International Golden Heart Wisdom community.

Considering the number and diversity of those present during this Facebook Live, please note that the assistance offered during the “Heart Neutrality Celebration”, is not representative of the assistance offered in a live, online or private mentoring program.

Each event is unique, however to see an example of what a “Heart Neutrality Celebration” looks like, we invite you to view the December 31 st 2018 event. Click HERE to view the event.

Here are the dates and times of our upcoming events “Heart Neutrality Celebration”:

March 31 st 2019 at 1 PM (EST)
June 30 th 2019 at 1 PM (EST
September 30 th 2019 at 1 PM (EST)
December 31 st 2019 at 1 PM (EST

To participate in these live events, we invite you to join our Facebook group « Return to the Essence of the Ultimate Lifestyle ».
Click HERE to join the group.

At the Heart of Neutrality Virtual Café

As mentioned earlier, when you purchase a downloadable product, you’re automatically invited for coffee (or tea) along with Sylvie & Bernard during the “At the Heart of Neutrality Virtual Café” events.

Through a Facebook Live format, these events take place online and will be in a private Facebook group “At the Heart of Neutrality Virtual Café”, and this, every quarter.

During these events, Sylvie & Bernard will be there with you live and will be able to exchange with you about various topics. Here are the dates of the next Live events along with the topics covered.

January 26th, 2019 at 10 AM (EST) 
❤️ Topic: The 9 Qualities of the Heart

☕ April 20th, 2019 at 10 AM (EST)

❤️ Topic: Harmony

☕ July 13th, 2019 at 10 AM (EST)

❤️ Topic: Vitality

☕ October 5th, 2019 at 10 AM (EST)

❤️ Topic: Prosperity

These topics are aligned with the Return to Essence and the Ultimate Lifestyle of the new Neutrality paradigm. These meetups are conversations surrounding various topics. You’ll therefore be able to exchange with Sylvie & Bernard, through your written comments in the Live, and they’ll happily answer a few questions.

These events are bilingual (English & French) and are reserved exclusively for those who are registered or who’ve already participated in a Golden Heart Wisdom program, whether it be live or online events, or who’ve purchased a downloadable product.

To be amongst the first to be informed when we release a new program or online event, we invite you to sign up to the “Interested” list by completing the form below.

If you have questions concerning the online programs and events, we invite you to email us at

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