Beyond Pain and Suffering – Webinar recording


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Volume: 1 file, 511 Mo

What can we do when the pain and suffering in our lives become too intense and we feel like nothing’s ever going to change? The pain is so real, the suffering so painful and intense. How can we possibly escape such a vicious cycle that never seems to want to end? Join Sylvie Olivier, founder of Golden Heart Wisdom, as she explored this topic with participants during a 2-hour webinar where she assisted participants Live with their own, real-life situations.

In addition to the full version of the Webinar, you’ll have access to 4 audio files, extracted from the Webinar.

  • Activation with Sylvie’s voice only.
  • Activation with Sylvie’s voice and music playing in the background.
  • Harmonization with Sylvie’s voice only.
  • Harmonization with Sylvie’s voice and music playing in the background.






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