Webinar “The Essence of Money” – Live event recording


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2-hour live webinar recording, bilingual (French and English).

Downloadable product. Please use a computer to download the product.


  • (2) mp4 video files – Part 1 and 2 of the recording of the event.
  • (2) mp3 audio files – Audio extractions of the activation that took place during the event, with and without music.

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Money is such a difficult topic for so many people to talk about… As a society, we’ve given it all sorts of roles, judgments and most importantly, we’ve handed our security and freedom over to it. It’s no wonder that financial insecurity is on the rise during this time of economic uncertainty.

Have you noticed that in duality, the more we try to control, manipulate or limit money, the more it seems to elude us? And if not, it comes with a mountain of effort, responsibility, and sacrifice, often in the spheres of relationships or health.

What if there was a new way to prosper?

In fact, money is a by-product of Pure Love and it presents itself to us as units of Pure Love.

So, how about we simply return money to its “birthright” of transmitting Love, Joy, Peace, and all the other magnificent Qualities of the Heart such as Appreciation, Courage, Lightness, Compassion, Wonder, and Care?

This downloadable product is an invitation to reconnect with the Essence of Money.

Do you feel ready to make peace with money and discover a way to manifest more abundance?

Are you ready to position yourself clearly by making the choice to totally change your perceptions about money and thereby reconnect to its Essence and let all the related Qualities of the Heart flow within you?

This bilingual webinar (English and French) is for you!

Through this webinar, Sylvie and Bernard assisted participants in:

  • Getting to the heart of the relationship with money as it’s currently experienced, while also proposing alternatives that bring much more clarity, fluidity, and lightness.
  • Discovering the power of money as a vehicle to integrate the Qualities of the Heart into life through various financial transactions.
  • Bringing to light and feeling the power of co-creation that exists between humans and money.
  • Feeling how we all have the power to make different choices; choices that concretely impact all areas of our lives, including money.

The recording of the webinar consists of three parts. It begins with the informational part, followed by Sylvie & Bernard’s direct assistance who answered participant questions and ends with an Activation of the energetic circuits of the 12 vibrations (Qualities of the Heart) of the Plenitude Effect on the entire planet.


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