I am so honored to be a part of sharing this exquisite world of Golden Heart Wisdom with you.

For me, the tools and experiences of Golden Heart Wisdom have allowed me to experience calm in storms, a smoother and enhanced version of life.

I love knowing that no matter what happens around me there is always a soft landing, a place I can call on within me, that harmonizes everything out. This is the power of the heart, which is being resourced up and feels easier to access the further on this journey I go. I have found using this inner resource things can work out so much better than my mind would have me sometimes believe.

I have found this rediscovery of the power of the heart to be an unfolding journey, where the thoughts and emotions that no longer serve me can melt away, where I can soak into the power of the heart qualities, and where my true self can re-emerge from. The further I go, the more I feel I am able to be all of me.

The tools and techniques are a cornerstone of my life. I find them so enjoyable, so empowering, so soothing. They relieve my body and mind of tension and I no longer need to try hard to get what I want or feel tossed about by the winds and waves of life. I feel like I can flow with life more and in doing so enjoy it more. Things feel easier and wonderful synchronicities and opportunities for enjoyment appear.

If you’re curious to explore more, these are some of my favorite offerings, the ones that have meant so much to me and have exponentially empowered my journey with Golden Heart Wisdom so far.

Much love, expansion and enjoyment to you on your journey. Please reach out with any questions, thoughts and inspirations. I look forward to sharing the continuing journey with you.

Tania xo

Ressources proposed by Tania


This contains such a beautiful wealth of resources to assist in gently clearing and harmonizing any mental and emotional patterns no longer serving me and allows me to soak into the qualities of the heart, infusing them more and more into my life so that my whole body and life vibrate with their beautiful frequencies.

Webinar Beyond Pain and Suffering


These are my go-to resources for any difficult time where I can’t see a resolution or clear way through. I feel peaceful, clear, relieved and resourced.

30-DAY JOURNEY «Explore the Journey from Head to Heart»

This was a fundamental shift for me. It was a wonderful experience and contains a practical powerful breathing technique that takes me from my busy analytical mind into the calm, deep and powerful resource of my heart. I use this daily and especially when I can’t stop my brain from spinning around. I feel settled, clear and inspired.

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