Choosing to march to the beat of my own drum, not fitting in, or not fitting into the mold I thought I needed to in order to be loved, that’s a choice I made six years ago, and it’s a choice I continue making every day.

I used to think that I had to be tough, a tomboy, one of the guys because I judged other women, felt that they were too complicated, too ‘girly,’ and came with way too much drama. Ironically, I see today how a childhood of rejection from other girls led me to automatically judge any potential friendship with other females before ever giving any of them a fair chance. Or I weighed them down with unrealistic expectations and desires.

Having truly welcomed and embraced my womanhood, I can now honestly say that I thrive in many female-based friendships. My closest friends are other women living either very similar realities or quite possibly exact opposite realities to mine. The one thing that brings us together is a heart-to-heart connection that reaches far beyond anything the mind could ever comprehend.

Over time, I’ve seen how so many of my thought patterns and belief systems were rooted in those taught to me at a young age or that I picked up on instinctively along the way. They are what I thought forged my reality, and I had no clue that my reality wasn’t the same as everyone else’s. Why would it be? It wasn’t ‘cool’ back in the day to expose children to an International reality and show them how beautifully unique each one of us is, how many differences are possible throughout the world, and how perfect they all are. Today, I thrive in sharing that wonder and awe with my children, showing them how infinite the possibilities truly are!

After six years of exploring so much of myself and reconnecting with my unique essence, I’m still filled with wonder and awe when something I didn’t realize was present suddenly pops up in my life (a crystallized emotion or mental archive)! When I look back at where I was then and where I’m at now, I have the profound certitude that I wouldn’t be standing in so much abundance today had it not been for this unique path I’ve chosen to explore and stay upon.

Being able to love from the heart, not from the mind, embracing everything that shows up in my life, the good, the bad, and the ugly, and not break a sweat from any of it. Sure, some situations are more comfortable than others. But I’m no longer trying to run away from one kind of reality to catch the one I’m dreaming of. I also see the beauty in what we may label as bad or ugly; in the ‘ugliest’ situations, I’ve found the most potent gems and awarenesses.

Today I can be an entrepreneur running two different businesses with my husband; I can be a wife to the man I said yes to 7 years ago and still laugh and love him even when we don’t see eye to eye, I can be a mother to two amazing boys (pretty ironic that I didn’t have any girls hunh), I can be an author, a friend, heck I can be so many things at once because, with all of those roles and titles, the essence of me stays the same. I just bring me into all spheres of my life. Just me. Not the me I think I need to be, or the me others would want me to be. Just fluid, light, fun, and laughter. Ok, sometimes a little grrr’s slip in, but hey, they’re part of the experience too!

So today, I invite you to reconnect to your heart and follow its innate guidance. In all openness, I invite you to see what’s there and what possibilities are available to you. Who knows, you may be surprised to discover a simpler, lighter, and more profound way of being that’s also possible for you! And if you listen hard enough, you may hear your heart urging you to explore something different…something new. Something so new, it’s been around since the dawn of time…

Each of our paths is unique, as are the choices we make. For me, the countless tools and assistance that Golden Heart Wisdom offers are what guided me onto a path of lightness and ease. If you’re curious, here are some of my favorite free and paid products. And don’t hesitate to reach out to me personally if ever you have questions or would like to exchange a bit more about this wonderfully simple way of being!


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