When I first met Sylvie, Bernard, and the rest of the GHW Team I immediately felt like I was home even though I had never met any of them in person. The only other time I felt like this in my life was when I first met my life partner. After years of being in the GHW conversation, my life has changed 180 degrees. Now, I feel at home with myself. I was always someone that felt out of place, uncomfortable in my own skin, and different from other people, which led to isolation from myself, of sorts. However, I made a powerful decision from my heart to dive into unknown waters and discovered a hidden treasure chest full of gems. I have come back home — to me.

My first experience with GHW products was What if Money Was Your Best Friend, How Would You Treat It? I like this program as a gateway to begin the profound journey and recommend it for newbies who want to do a little more than get their feet.

Ressources proposed by Nicole


For those that just want just a taste without a financial investment, but also powerful concrete effects, I would recommend The Plenitude Effect and the 9 Qualities of the Heart 30 Day Journey From Head to Heart.

Programme Privés


While all of the programs are truly life-changing, those that feel a deep dive calling to their heart, I would highly recommend a Mastery Program.


There are so many free resources that GHW has made available for anyone interested to benefit and receive from. My invitation is to create a Free Membership on the website, check out all the free stuff, and also to start listening to the Joyful Day Meditation right away, allowing it to penetrate deeply and guide you from there.

With Love — From My Heart to Yours,


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