Gratitude in Action (version anglaise)


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Ready to metamorphosize your life?

Discover the actual Essence of gratitude through the book Gratitude in Action, and explore multiple tools to use in your daily life.

As well, I’ll share my path and the more significant life experiences I had that prepared me for the creation of the tools available through Golden Heart Wisdom and assist all of Humanity.

Whether you’re just starting your journey or have been on it for a while, there’s a good chance that one or a few of the following situations speaks to you:

  • You go through the motions of your daily life – routines, schedules, meals – without any real sense of connectedness or purpose … and you wish you could live more richly, more deeply, and with more passion.
  • Stress and anxiety eat away at you constantly, robbing you of the joy and pleasure you’d like to experience. You want to find a way to let go of the stress, so you can enjoy your life again.
  • Despite being surrounded by myriad friends and family members, you often feel alone in your world, and you know it has something to do with you. You wish you could find a way to change your mindset and nurture your relationships, so they result in deep connections on both sides.
  • When it comes to finances, you feel like you’re always struggling – even though you work long, hard hours. You’ve heard about opening yourself up to abundance, and want to find out how to make that work for you.
  • If any of this rings true, I’d like to welcome you. You are in the right place: a place where you can discover exactly how to begin turning your life into the experience you want and deserve – in every area.

Sylvie Olivier

Co-founder of Exploration Gratitude

* Version anglaise

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